1Minuut Innovation re-selects Vuzix as its Augmented Reality Smart Glasses provider

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August 21, 2019 – Vuzix Corporation, supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and products, has announced it has received a follow-on Smart Glasses order from Dutch medical services company 1Minuut Innovation, totaling over 100 M-series systems with plans to upgrade and transition to the M400 shortly.

1Minuut’s main focus is on delivering secured video-streaming and recording for care workers and professionals through the company’s Genzõ mobile communication software platform. Genzõ users are able to chat or video call using Vuzix Smart Glasses. The combination delivers medical expertise for wound care without distance limitations by connecting a wound care specialist to an on-site care practitioner.

External skilled colleagues are able to see the Point of View (PoV) of care practitioners wearing the Vuzix Smart Glasses and provide remote assistance, with the glasses granting the wearer a hands free experience while receiving visual and voice expert feedback and guidance. Using AR overlays, Genzõ allows those providing remote assistance to point to a certain area on the live video screen or give textual feedback. Integration of medical company policies and protocols while sending telemedicine sessions on the smart glasses is also possible. Genzõ uses ‘HIPAA compliant equivalent’ Dutch based HL7 FHIR to share (push and pull) medical data safely to and from patient files.

“Currently Vuzix is our exclusive smart glasses provider. The Vuzix M300XL Smart Glasses has been a success for us and our customers. With the enhanced performance and capabilities of the upcoming Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses, we anticipate larger and faster customer rollouts,” said Martijn de Groot, CEO and CoFounder of 1Minuut Innovation.

Paul Travers, Vuzix President and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “1Minuut is trailblazing the healthcare industry through the creation of their Genzõ mobile platform that was built around our M300XL and now our new M400 Smart Glasses to deliver new telemedicine experiences that improve both the quality and speed of wound care.” He added, “Vuzix looks forward to supporting 1Minuut’s efforts as they continue to roll out their Vuzix Smart Glasses-based solution across the Dutch health care industry and positively impact the care of patients in need.”

The solution is now being implemented across the Dutch healthcare industry as a new way to assist health practitioners deliver efficient and quality patient care.

Video credit: 1Minuut Innovation/YouTube

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