Auganix offers bespoke advertising solutions at competitive rates to meet your promotional advertising requirements.

Advertising Sections on the Auganix Website

Website Header Banner
Sizing – 1120 pixels x 240 pixels

Have your ad appear in the header banner on Auganix. Ads will appear on every single page load alongside the Auganix logo, meaning no matter what article a site visitor is reading, they will always see the ad placement at the top of the page first.

Featured HUD Profile
Sizing – 450 pixels x 300 pixels

The Auganix HUD (Beta) provides a library of company profiles, and is our business intelligence portal into the AR/VR industry. Having your company as a ‘Featured HUD Profile’ means an image with link to information on your company and its operations will appear on every news article that is run on the site, as well as on the homepage (note, Featured HUD Profile requires company to be already included on the Auganix HUD).

If you would like your company profile included on the Auganix HUD, please get in touch.

Box Ad
Sizing 680 pixels x 120 pixels

Box ads are placed a single scroll down on the homepage, and are displayed after the eighth article on Auganix (desktop version – mobile ad is displayed after ninth post). These ads are in line with the Featured HUD Profile section (on desktop) and are displayed on the home page only. Positioning an ad further up is possible, but will be charged a higher rate.

Guest Author Reality Check article (sponsored post)

Have your own analysis or product write up that you would like to share with our audience? Guest Author posts for our ‘Reality Check’ content is a great way of getting information in front of the right eyes across the AR and VR industries. Articles are typically anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 words, and are subject to our editorial standards. Generally speaking, articles have to offer some form of commentary or opinion, i.e. they cannot simply be a blatant product-plug, although discussion/subject analysis formed on the basis of a company’s product or offering is acceptable.

News Showcase article

Sometimes a story isn’t quite right for what we include in our main news – this is what our News Showcase section is for. The News Showcase box is situated on the right sidebar of the Auganix website. Therefore, articles included here get coverage on the homepage, as well as on the sidebar across all other published news content across the site. Articles typically remain up in this section for at least a month. Plus, by default, it does mean that articles do then enter the ‘main news’ area’s circulation anyway.

News Showcase is therefore probably our most “pay-to-play” style offering to get a story published, simply because there is so much news content to cover. Inclusion for items that are not what we would usually cover or that don’t quite meet our main news inclusion criteria therefore costs extra. This is essentialy similar to how a newswire service would work too – except placement on Auganix means you are guaranteed to have your story before the eyes of people working in the XR industry. Good examples of items that would be placed in the News Showcase section would include: New indie game announcements, new filter/lens creation, research/study results or announcements, and industry events.


The Auganix website is configured in such a way that there are truly endless options for how ads can be placed. For example if you would like an ad to be displayed only on posts related to “Healthcare”, or if you only want ads to appear on news articles relating to a certain company’s activities, these are both potential configurations.

For further information and for a customized advertising package, please get in touch at


While we endeavour to accommodate advertisement requests, all ads are subject to Auganix’ own standards for suitability. We see ads as an important part of doing business online, however, the user experience for our website visitors is, and always will be, at the forefront of all website content-related decisions.