8th Wall and Ericsson Emodo partner to enable ad solution that embeds interactive WebAR content directly inside ad units

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January 19, 2022 – 8th Wall, a provider of an augmented reality (AR) platform that makes it easy to build frictionless AR content for the mobile web, and Ericsson’s mobile advertising solution business, Emodo, have today announced an official partnership that establishes an end-to-end web-based augmented reality (WebAR) advertising solution.

8th Wall’s augmented reality experiences work in the browser, requiring no app to download, and as a result are able to reach nearly 3.5 billion iOS and Android smartphones, desktop computers and AR/VR headworn devices. The company’s technology allows for the creation of experiences that include World Effects, Face Effects and Image Targeting.

According to the companies, the partnership aims to unlock AR advertising opportunities by providing agencies and brands with the tools they need to create and distribute branded WebAR campaigns. This includes the introduction of a new embeddable AR ad type that places interactive WebAR content inside ad units directly alongside publisher content.

As a result of the partnership, agencies and brands can now distribute their 8th Wall-powered WebAR experiences through Emodo’s full stack advertising supply and audience targeting solutions. These ads can run in two formats: traditional display ads or embeddable AR ads. With embeddable AR ads, users can engage with the AR experience directly on the publisher page inside the ad unit itself rather than linking out to a dedicated web destination. This new ad format is unique to 8th Wall and Emodo and is made possible with 8th Wall’s ‘Inline AR’ capability, which enables any 8th Wall WebAR experience to be embedded into websites and ad units.

“Distribution is a key ingredient to the success of any WebAR campaign,” said Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO & Founder of 8th Wall. “We are truly excited to announce our new partnership with Emodo, connecting the agencies and brands who are creating WebAR advertising and marketing experiences with publishers to help increase their discoverability and overall success. This includes enabling interactive WebAR experiences to be embedded into digital ads creating a powerful new format for advertisers and providing consumers with a personal and engaging experience.”

“With 5G pushing extended reality to new heights, marketers are increasingly seeking immersive experiences that maximize audience engagement and accelerate campaign performance,” said Alistair Goodman, General Manager, Ericsson Emodo. “Meanwhile, publishers want to meet the moment, powering demand through compelling creative. By partnering with 8th Wall, we are supporting demand and supply, giving marketers and publishers everything they need to develop and distribute embeddable WebAR campaigns at scale.”

Last month, Emodo launched its Creative Lab and premiered the company’s first, 5G-powered AR campaign. The ad transported mobile users to New York City’s Times Square through an AR-powered snow globe experience allowing them to engage with entertaining content from 17 Broadway musicals and plays. According to the company, the campaign saw 90% of the audience enter the experience, with an average engagement time of 3 minutes and with nearly 25% of users also sharing the experience.

Interested publishers can find out more about joining the Emodo ad network here, and 8th Wall developers looking to increase the discoverability of their WebAR experiences can request distribution via the Emodo platform. To find out more about how agencies and brands can get started creating interactive WebAR experiences using 8th Wall’s platform, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: 8th Wall / Twitter

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