Across Realities launches ‘Spatiate’ art creation app on Magic Leap One

March 15, 2019 – It has been announced that Across Realities has launched Spatiate on Magic Leap One. Spatiate was conceptualized by Across Realities and it was built as a mobile-first app to democratize 3D art creation and sharing.

The app is an art creation tool, similar to a crayon or a paintbrush, except the digital world acts as the canvas and enables users to create free-form art within mixed reality without having to be in the same room as one another.

Through spatial computing, 3D art can be painted seamlessly within the real world. The software also integrates with legacy technology, which means that users are able to participate from their mobile phones, opening up the technology to wider audience.

In a blog post published by Magic Leap yesterday, Kacey Weiniger, Chief Marketing Officer of Across Realities, said: “As a communication tool, people can use Spatiate to collaborate and rapidly convey their ideas. In fact, we used these features to design the UX inside the app itself and have been holding our team meetings in there ever since.”

Commenting on the next steps for Across Realities and the Spatiate app, Weiniger stated: “Our plan is to continue rolling out support for other platforms, as Spatiate is already prepped for deployment on most VR and AR devices. You may see a few more surprises along the way as we explore deeper partner integrations with the industry.”

She added, “Beyond that, we see a lot of potential for the AcrossXR platform to deliver more apps of this nature, focusing on collaboration, accessibility, and innovation in spatial computing. We’re excited to bridge the gap between the high-end premium headsets and the greater mobile market, as we believe all immersive content should be made available across all realities.”

Spatiate is now available on Magic Leap World for download.

Image & video credit: Across Realities/YouTube

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