ALSD integrates Imagination Park Augmented Reality into its conference app

May 15, 2019 – Imagination Park Technologies Inc. has announced that they have integrated their augmented reality application into the Association of Luxury Suites Directors (ALSD) official show app for an AR scavenger hunt, exposing all attendees to the new technology.

Bill Dorsey, Founder and Chairman, ALSD stated “At ALSD 2019, the goal is to showcase the capabilities of AR in a hands-on, experiential fashion. The sports business industry understands AR, the goal is to illustrate how to enhance what it can do for the venue experience.” Mr. Dorsey continued “The venue marketplace has become a high-tech incubator for much of the consumer marketplace. It starts at the stadiums and arenas and then it moves into retail. Imagination Park is ahead of the curve.”

The 29th annual ALSD Conference and Tradeshow will be held June 30 to July 3 in Chicago, USA, and includes the Sports Venue Design and Build Forum and the Sports Sales Training Forum. The conference attracts sports and events venue professionals and hosts 10 League Meetings for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and Soccer, Racing, College, Minor Leagues, Performing Arts, and Performance Venues.

“AR is beginning to have a profound effect on venues that provide live events and we wanted to provide a first hand example of just one way these event locations are using AR to increase concessions by getting people out of their seats just by pointing their mobile phones at signs, logos, statues, scoreboards, mascots or just about anything,” said Alen Paul Silverrstieen, CEO of Imagination Park. “We want ALSD members to understand that implementing, managing and updating AR at stadiums and event locations is remarkably easy, inexpensive, and completely trackable.”

Image credit: ALSD

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