Amalgamated Vision awarded patent for laser-driven optics for use in Augmented Reality head-mounted displays

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December 31, 2020 – Amalgamated Vision, an optical design company focused on building virtual retinal displays for extended reality and spatial computing applications, has recently announced the award of US Patent # 10,816,795 for “Wearable Display for Near-to-Eye Viewing”— a laser-driven optical device relating to near-to-eye display that employs an imaging apparatus using a pupil relay configuration with concentric design.

The company states that this optical engineering technology will offer a solution to provide image content in an ultra-near-to-eye wearable device that will allow enterprise users and consumers to see digital information in an augmented reality (AR) or look-down reference display that does not obstruct the real-world scene within the wearer’s primary field of view.

As pictured above, Amalgamated Vision’s optical OEM head-mounted display (HMD) solution features a different form factor compared to other AR display devices currently on the market. The solution is designed to be practical for prolonged everyday use by industry and consumers, according to the company.

“We have always believed that people do not want to be continuously distracted by digital data directly in front of their eyes as they complete tasks at work or go about their daily lives”, said Dr. Adam Davis, Manager and Founder of Amalgamated Vision. “Our radically different form factor and optical design makes it possible to engage with extended reality content or a spatial computing experience on an as-needed basis in a very small wearable display that doesn’t interfere with the user’s normal vision.”

Amalgamated Vision stated that the benefits of its laser-driven optics for wearable near-to-eye viewing include:

  • Superior image resolution and color saturation even in bright sunlight;
  • Lightweight, energy efficient components to power compact, unobtrusive, aesthetically appealing HMDs that can be easily worn for extended periods;
  • Large field-of-view (FoV) and stereoscopic presentation in an apparatus that reduces optical, physiological, and ergonomic constraints of conventional HMDs.

In October this year, Amalgamated Vision was named a winner of the NASA iTech Competition for innovations likely to positively impact the future of space exploration with foreseeable benefits to humanity.

The company added that it anticipates completing a second proof-of-concept in 2021. For more information on Amalgamated Vision and its patents and optical solutions, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Amalgamated Vision

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