AMPD signs letter of engagement with Versatile Media for multi-year Virtual Production infrastructure deal

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August 27, 2020 – AMPD Ventures Inc., a provider of high-performance cloud and computing solutions for low-latency applications, including video games and eSports, digital animation and visual effects, has recently announced that it has signed a letter of engagement with Versatile Media LTD outlining the framework for a multi-year definitive agreement through which AMPD is expected to provide technology, infrastructure, and services to Versatile in the virtual production sector.

Versatile is a creative production studio developing a brand new 12,000 sq. ft purpose-built virtual production facility in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company will also be launching its ‘Virtual Scouting’ technology, which will allow for remote virtual reality (VR) sharing of volumetrically captured locations. 

Under the terms of the engagement, it is expected that AMPD will provide the on-premise technology requirements for Versatile’s initial 12,000 sq. ft. studio, as well as provide on-going data centre-based rendering and other hosted infrastructure. AMPD stated that once a definitive agreement is entered into, the deal could generate approximately CAD $1.6M in revenue for the company over the next 36 months.

According to AMPD, virtual production is expected to result in a major shift in the way that movies and TV shows are made because it provides creators with a way to see, engage with, and shoot final VFX imagery at the same time as principal photography. With virtual production, cameras, actors, and locations may be completely synthetic but the result can still largely follow the ‘rules’ of live-action filmmaking. 

“Many virtual production techniques rely on powerful, real-time game development engines that have been the cornerstone of video game production for many years,” said Steven Read, Studio Head at Versatile in Vancouver. “AMPD’s technical expertise across both the video game and visual effects sectors, and this current convergence of the two industries mean that AMPD is the ideal technology partner for virtual production facilities such as the one we are building in Vancouver. We are also launching our Virtual Scouting technology enabling studios to volumetrically capture a location and share it remotely with studios through conferencing and in VR. AMPD’s technology will also be a key contributor to launching that program.”

The virtual production process adds another level of creative control for producers and cinematographers, while increasing production efficiency. In addition to the creative advantages offered, COVID-19 has been seen to be accelerating the shift towards virtual production, offering the opportunity for social distancing and smaller crews, while reducing the size and scope of location shoots, set builds, and crowd scenes for the foreseeable future, according to the company.

Anthony Brown, CEO of AMPD, commented: “I am thrilled that Versatile has recognized AMPD as the right company to provide the technology and infrastructure as they grow their business here in North America”. He added, “Our goal at AMPD is always to provide bespoke high-performance compute and cloud solutions for our customers. We have been developing an optimal virtual production environment with Versatile that integrates their studio and our data centre so that they can focus on creative genius, while we ensure everything runs optimally from a technical perspective.”

Image credit: AMPD Ventures Inc. / Versatile Media LTD

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