ActiveLook integration with CrewNerd app brings real-time AR performance metrics to rowers

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June 7, 2024 – ActiveLook, creators of an innovative micro-projection system that discretely integrates into eyewear, has recently announced that CrewNerd, an on-the-water app for rowers and paddlers, is enabling compatibility with ActiveLook’s “Light AR” technology.

ActiveLook, which was created by MicroOLED—a manufacturer of organic LED display technologies and micro-optics based in Grenoble, France—offers heads-up display (HUD) technology for connected eyewear that combines low weight, low energy consumption and a very long battery life.

According to the company, the integration with CrewNerd will allow for a more interactive and safe experience for rowers, enabling them to access real-time data in their field of view without interrupting their focus or performance. The company also stated that the integration will make CrewNerd the first rowing or paddling app to provide real-time performance metrics to athletes.

Key metrics such as speed, distance, stroke rate, and heart rate will be projected directly onto the glasses’ lenses in the user’s field of view. When pairing ActiveLook glasses with an iPhone, Apple Watch or Android Smartphone, metrics are shown directly in the user’s field of view, allowing rowers to look directly in front instead of looking down at a screen for performance metrics. 

The company noted that currently, Apple Watch users who utilize CrewNerd in “watch only” mode face the challenge of looking at their wrist while rowing or paddling to check their pace or stroke rate. With ActiveLook, they can instead see all of their critical data without sacrificing good posture or disrupting their flow.

Furthermore, rowers and coxswains alike will be able to read metrics and performance data with greater ease on ActiveLook compatible glasses, which have several brightness modes, instead of on a mobile phone screen, which may be harder to read in sunlight or when wet.

“This new partnership with CrewNerd allows us to provide heads-up display solutions to rowers that we haven’t yet touched. This will enhance their experience as rower or coxswain providing athletes to maximize their potential,” said Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO of MICROOLED.‍

ActiveLook stated that the compatibility will ultimately help to create more immersive and productive training experiences for users, and will also help to enhance safety by allowing rowers to keep their eyes on their surroundings, whilst still able to access real-time performance feedback. Coxswains too will benefit, as they will be able to look in any direction during a race whilst still able to see critical information about their crew’s performance or progress.

Tony Andrews, founder of CrewNerd, commented, “We first launched CrewNerd 15 years ago. Since then we’ve continued to innovate and push the boundaries of how rowers and paddlers interact with their performance data and metrics. By partnering with ActiveLook Light AR technology, we are further enhancing the experience of rowers, coxswains, and paddlers.”

For more information on MicroOLED and its ActiveLook technology for connected eyewear, please visit the company’s website.

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