BAE Systems, Red 6 and PLEXSYS partner to provide immersive military training solutions

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November 29, 2023 – BAE Systems, a provider of some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defense, aerospace and security solutions, has this week announced that it is working with Red 6, an augmented reality (AR) technology firm that provides applications for military air combat training, and PLEXSYS, a modeling and simulation software company, to combine their technology and experience to revolutionize training for the military forces of the future.

The three companies have together agreed to explore the integration of Red 6’s augmented reality headset technology and PLEXSYS’ immersive simulation into BAE Systems’ single synthetic training environment. They will use BAE Systems’ ‘Project OdySSEy,’ combined with Red 6’s Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality Systems (ATARS) technology and the Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) from PLEXSYS.

“This exceptional partnership exploits our combined expertise and opens up huge opportunities to ensure our customers maintain the mission readiness they require to meet the challenges of the future contested battlespace,” said Sir Stuart Atha, Director of Training Strategy at BAE Systems.

The agreement, announced at the global simulation and training exhibition I/ITSEC 2023 taking place in Orlando, Florida this week, will see the companies use the latest technology and decades of working alongside the world’s leading military forces to deliver the training required for warfare today and into the future.

BAE Systems stated that its Project OdySSEy initiative will help to form the backbone of the new military training collaboration with Red 6 and PLEXSYS.

The partnership will create an advanced, realistic training environment that will enhance tactical preparedness and decision-making training for students who will be able to interact with a mixture of live and simulated aircraft being operated by fellow students. This will allow students to put theoretical knowledge into practice in a cheaper, safer and more sustainable and secure way, according to BAE Systems, which trains more than 450 pilots every year from air forces across the globe.

Sir Stuart continued: “We are already working alongside both PLEXSYS and Red 6 as we rapidly mature capability through Project OdySSEy and integrate technologies on the Hawk, the world’s most proven and trusted advanced jet trainer aircraft, and now we are further leveraging these relationships to push the boundaries of Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) training.”

Also commenting on the partnership, Ron Wiegand, Chief Executive Officer at PLEXSYS, said: “PLEXSYS is excited to partner with BAE Systems and Red 6, uniting our advanced simulation capabilities with cutting-edge augmented reality and synthetic environments. The integration of our ASCOT technology into Project OdySSEy represents a leap forward in training realism and effectiveness. This synergy will provide unparalleled training solutions, preparing military forces for the complexities of the future battlespace with an unprecedented level of immersion and interactivity.”

Finally, Kevin Fesler, Chief Revenue Office at Red 6 stated: “The partnership developed between these companies creates a powerful synergy in the LVC space that will move synthetic training one step closer to our collective vision to build a military metaverse allowing all warfighters, across all domains to train together in a common augmented reality battlespace.”

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