China-based Raythink debuts its new smart vehicle AR-HUD technology

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May 15, 2023 – Raythink, a Chinese producer of augmented reality (AR) head-up displays (HUDs) for the automotive and transportation industry, has recently debuted its new smart vehicle AR-HUD solution at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

Demonstrated at the end of last month at the exhibition in Shanghai, the new product uses Raythink’s OpticalCore picture generation module, and can project an image that appears fully 3D to the naked eye, according to the Shenzhen-based company.

Raythink’s HUD technology projects important driving-related information, such as speed, navigational instructions, and advanced driving assistance features onto the windshield in real-time, allowing drivers to see the info without looking down or turning their heads.

The company’s OpticalCore also made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. Raythink noted that compared to traditional thin-film transistors and other digital light processing solutions, OpticalCore uses laser beam scanning as its light source. As a result, it can achieve a wider field of view (FoV) that covers three lanes of traffic, and is also able to provide a higher image contrast without light window effects or solar loading. The company noted that its OpticalCore technology is also able to achieve this, whilst still offering lower power consumption, and at a lower cost.

The new solution, which Raythink stated will be applied to AR-HUDs, AR headlights, in-car micro projection, fixed focus AR vehicle displays, and the industrial environment, is expected to reach mass production around the second quarter of 2024.

This year, the company plans to expand its production line to meet the increasing demand for AR-HUD standard equipment, while also working to develop its next generation of immersive AR-HUDs for digital large-screen immersive displays for smart cars.

Raythink noted that it passed the ISO9001, IATF16949, and other quality system certifications in April last year. The company also added that it has so far received 10 orders for mass production projects, whereby its AR-HUD products will be equipped in over 400,000 cars.

Finally, Raythink also announced a strategic partnership with Chinese conversational artificial intelligence platform AI Speech during the Shanghai Auto Show. The partnership adds to a list of other cooperation agreements that Raythink has in place with other tier-one suppliers, such as UK mobility service provider Aptiv, smart system manufacturer AliOS, and US smart cockpit maker Visteon.

For more information on Raythink and its augmented reality HUD technology for automotive display systems, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Raythink

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