Finnish start-up Doublepoint emerges from stealth to unveil its gesture input platform for AR

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May 17, 2023 – Finnish start-up Doublepoint Oy has this week emerged from stealth after spending the last 3+ years developing a patent-pending software platform that the company states enables “intuitive, zero learning-curve” gesture recognition.

Doublepoint is a new startup developing software to turn smartwatches into next generation gesture input devices for augmented reality (AR), consumer electronics, and more. Initially focused on bringing low effort, tactile, and zero learning-curve interactions to Android Wear OS powered smartwatches, Doublepoint uses the built in sensors to monitor tendons and vibrations and does not require any computer vision sensors outside of the watch, according to the company.

Doublepoint currently offers a highly-advanced machine learning algorithm that accurately detects touch-based microgestures, including pinch, surface interactions and more. The company noted that its platform is also capable of raycasting – a method that uses virtual rays projected from a camera or sensor to detect and track the position and movement of hands and gestures in the real world. Doublepoint’s solution however does not require a camera in order to achieve raycasting for gesture recognition. Instead, this is all accomplished using generic smartwatch sensors and minimal compute cycles from a smartwatch’s embedded CPU, according to Doublepoint.

Hand position and movement in devices can be measured in many different ways, including wristbands, rings, RADAR, LIDAR, and cameras. Initially focused on gesture-enabling off-the-shelf smartwatches as well as XR devices, Doublepoint aims to solve the most vexing input problems in the most simple way. This is accomplished by using an extremely sensitive, mechanically-based sensor in a smart wristband to detect movement, position and micro vibrations.

With Doublepoint, no expensive optical cameras or LIDAR sensors are required. The company’s wristband-based technology instead focuses on the vibrations that occur only when the user touches something.

In addition to algorithmic programming solutions, the company also plans on providing custom hardware designs that are dedicated to – and optimized for – touch detection. Doublepoint does offer a free Touch SDK, which turns existing smartwatches into actual input devices and provides it as a download on the company’s website.

“We first founded Doublepoint under the stealth name of ‘Port 6’ to keep our competitors guessing and under the sole focus of gesture-enabling AR devices. We have since found a ready and eager market in smart watches as well as XR and we have finally revealed our production name, full funding and full mission. We are extremely grateful to our VCs for the most recent influx of capital and their supreme confidence in our team, technology and vision,” said Ohto Pentikäinen, CEO of Doublepoint Oy.

Doublepoint currently has a total of 11 employees situated in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and the UK. As of April, 2023, the company has raised a total of EUR €3 million from a range of angel investors and established VCs from across Finland and Europe. Doublepoint investors include FOV Ventures, Superangel VC, Superhero Capital, Sune Alstrup, Timo Rein, Business Finland, and others.

Doublepoint will be exhibiting at AWE 2023, where the company will be showcasing its platform from Booth 943 on the expo floor. The company was also recently announced as a finalist in AWE’s Start-up Pitch Competition.

To find out more about Doublepoint and its gesture input platform for augmented reality, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Doublepoint Oy / YouTube

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