Geenee AR launches advanced virtual try-on solutions for brands and retailers

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May 26, 2023 – Geenee AR, a Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR) technology provider, has this week announced the launch of its advanced virtual try-on (VTO) solutions for brands and retailers. According to the company, the comprehensive suite of immersive digital shopping technology will empower e-commerce brands to create AR try-on experiences for customers across all owned, operated, and paid touchpoints, including ads, online stores, and onsite mirrors.

Geenee AR’s virtual try-on solutions seamlessly integrate with existing sales channels. The company also stated that, with a core emphasis on perfecting tracking and frames-per-second precision, textures, lighting and fit, as well as advancements in physics for accessories and gesture-based interactivity, its real-time virtual try-on solution is “the most accurate and realistic VTO, and the only VTO WebAR for clothing on the market.”

Key features of Geenee AR’s virtual try-on solutions include:

  • Ecommerce Point of Sale: Geenee’s AR body and face tracking is web-based, meaning brands can easily integrate AR try-on directly into their ecommerce website at the point of purchase.
  • Embedded Ads: Thanks to Geenee’s recently announced partnership with AudienceX, brands can now incorporate virtual try-on directly into their advertising campaigns across the open web and social platforms. 
  • Onsite Mirrors: Geenee’s onsite mirrors provide an interactive virtual try-on experience at live events and physical stores.

Geenee AR noted that several brands that have used its WebAR solutions as part of their marketing campaigns have reported boosts in engagement time, conversion rates, and purchases. According to the company, metrics from various verticals for the company include: 

Category Products Results
Eyewear Sunglasses, Optical Rx 81% lift in add-to-cart and 67% lift in conversion for mobile device users, leading to a 59% increase in revenue per visitor.
Full-Body Fashion Jackets, T-shirts, Dresses, etc. An overall 24% reduced return rate vs shoppers not using the technology.
Accessories Hats, Handbags, Jewelry 4 x lift in conversion for shoppers using the feature
Beauty Makeup & Skincare 11% of users who tried a filter visited the purchase page
Home Goods Furniture, Appliances 25% of users opt to view a product in AR when AR view is available; 67% lift in conversion; 38% decrease in returns.

“Virtual try-on brings e-commerce to the next level,” said Evgeny Peshkov, CTO at Geenee AR. “Being able to see how something actually fits rather than guessing based on 2D photos simplifies the customer’s decision. State-of-the-art approaches developed by the Geenee team have enabled the most accurate and performant VTO solution on the market. The number of advanced techniques built and fine-tuned specifically for this task allow for a high level of realism and fidelity. Geenee’s web-first VTO solution is ready out-of-the-box and can be easily integrated with any e-commerce platform.”

“Augmented Reality helps consumers make informed & confident purchasing decisions faster than ever before,” added Heather Lipner, Head of Product Design & Creative at Geenee AR. “AR visualizes physical products in your space and now on your body. Will it fit? Will it look good? To see how something looks on your own face or body will trigger the confidence to purchase – the key driver for e-commerce success.”

In addition to full-body virtual try-on, which supports garment try-on for products like jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, skirts and pants, Geenee supports try-on for beauty products, handbags, glasses, jewelry, hats, and other headworn accessories. Geenee also noted that its platform supports size-inclusivity and can serve a wide variety of customer body types.

To view a live desktop/mobile demo of Geenee AR’s virtual try-on, click here. For more information on Geenee AR and its virtual try-on solutions, as well as its solutions for true size AR for large-scale home goods like furniture and appliances, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Geenee AR

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