Perfect Corp. partners with global travel retailer Dufry to bring AR virtual try-on to airports worldwide

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July 18, 2023 – Perfect Corp., a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions, has this week announced its collaboration with global travel retailer, Dufry, to provide in-store and web makeup virtual try-on for products from 15 brands.

As a result of the collaboration, shoppers will now be able to try AR makeup products from brands such as Benefit, Kylie Cosmetics, Guerlain, Huda Beauty and more, in London Heathrow, London Stansted, Manchester and Barcelona airports. Perfect Corp. stated that Dufry plans to bring more AR-powered virtual try-on shopping experiences to additional airports in the future.

Perfect Corp. stated that since it already works with over 500 brands globally, brands’ virtual product SKUs (Stock Keeping Units – a unique identifier assigned to each specific item that a company sells) can be easily deployed across points of sale. Retailers can choose the brands they want to work with and, pending brand approval, can easily implement AI & AR-powered shopping journeys. Once retailers have established relationships with brands, Perfect Corp. can make SKUs available to them, thanks to the company’s database of over 350k SKUs.

“Our true value for retailers is our capacity to provide hundreds of brands’ virtual SKUs to retailers wishing to engage with their consumers wherever they are,” explained Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “Our collaboration with the global travel retailer Dufry allows us to also touch traveling consumers during their journey, be it online or offline. We believe that by partnering with travel retailers, our personalized and interactive digital solutions for beauty and luxury products can help the post-COVID recovery of the travel sector and bring travelers the shopping experiences of the future, wherever they are traveling to.”

Perfect Corp. offers virtual try-on solutions for a range of different products.

With travelers typically having limited time available for shopping, virtual try-on solutions can help offer personalized and efficient shopping experiences in a fraction of the time, leading to increased conversion rates and customer volume for airport retailers, according to Perfect Corp. The company offers a range of virtual try-on solutions for the travel retail industry, including products such as makeup, skincare, eyewear, jewelry and watches.

Lee Adams, Global Digital Smart Store Head at Dufry, said: “We are thrilled to be offering our customers this virtual try-on tool. We have been working on this collaboration with Perfect Corp. as part of our digital strategy to revolutionize the passenger experience. This AI & AR-powered technology forms a seamless part of the shopping journey for our passengers, helping them to easily choose the products that are perfect from them, as well as saving them time at the airport. We are working with Perfect Corp. to continue rolling out this new technology across many more of the 75 countries where we operate, as well as exploring new projects for the future.”

To experience Dufry’s new virtual try-on experience on the UK Reserve & Collect website, click here. For more information on Perfect Corp. and its augmented reality-powered virtual try-on solutions, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Perfect Corp.

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