Scandit launches ‘MatrixScan Find’ AR assisted search solution

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July 7, 2023 –  Scandit, a provider of smart data capture solutions, has recently announced the launch of ‘MatrixScan Find,’ an out-of-the-box solution designed to help frontline workers and consumers find items they are looking for faster, using augmented reality (AR) overlays on smart devices.

Part of the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, MatrixScan Find shifts the tedious task of manual search to technology by providing clear on-screen guidance in an instant. Through augmented reality overlays, MatrixScan Find visually aids users to spot what they are looking for faster. For businesses, it can help to improve worker productivity and efficiency, as workers are able to focus more on value-add activities such as engaging with customers or managing inventory more effectively.

Scandit stated that its new solution is ideal for frontline employees who may sometimes struggle to find the items they need to pick or pack, especially when it comes to similar-looking items such as spices, cosmetics, shoe boxes, DIY items or generic brown boxes and identical crates. This work often takes place in a time-pressured environment where workers must deliver goods and services accurately for customers, while also managing changing levels of consumer demand.

MatrixScan Find is a pre-built interface, designed to simplify the implementation of search experiences that use augmented reality functionality, which can be easily integrated into existing native applications with just a few lines of code, according to Scandit. 

The company added that its MatrixScan Find solution can also be offered directly to customers via a retailer’s own application, enabling shoppers to discover more about their preferred products through an engaging and intuitive augmented reality interface available on their own device.

“When we demonstrate augmented reality smart data capture solutions in real-world scenarios, customers immediately understand the impact innovative and futuristic augmented reality solutions can have, revolutionizing workflows and making human error nearly impossible,” said Christian Floerkemeier, CTO and co-founder of Scandit.

“Scandit has a deep understanding of the business processes, user experience and computer vision technology necessary to successfully implement augmented reality into enterprise applications, and with MatrixScan Find we are introducing another out-of-the-box offering to help companies without the necessary technology expertise in-house provide exceptional offerings to support workers and delight customers.”

Scandit stated that MatrixScan Find’s built-in UI is designed to address the specific workflows in retail, logistics and delivery, with carefully designed features including customizable color overlays to pinpoint individual items, pause functionality, an item carousel for precise detail provision and customizable notification alerts.

Available now on iOS and select Android devices, MatrixScan Find leverages MatrixScan technology to locate, track and decode multiple barcodes simultaneously. The company added that MatrixScan Find can also be integrated with a few lines of code into Scandit SparkScan to create a complete scanning solution which includes both item location and scanning.

For more information on Scandit and its augmented reality solutions for retail and logistics, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Scandit / YouTube

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