Scope AR partners with eQ Technologic to accelerate manufacturing productivity with AR

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May 8, 2024 – Scope AR, a provider of augmented reality (AR) solutions for enterprise, and eQ Technologic, a provider of low/no-code data integration and analytics solutions, have this week announced a new strategic partnership that aims to accelerate industrial manufacturing shop floor productivity through end to end data integration.

How does augmented reality assist in manufacturing?

According to Scope AR, the adoption of augmented reality as part of digital transformation initiatives presents opportunities to enterprise organizations to boost productivity, especially on the manufacturing shop floor. However, in order to implement and leverage AR, organizations must tackle two key challenges: having the right technology with a robust infrastructure, and enabling deeper data integrations with enterprise and operational systems. This is where the partnership between Scope AR & eQ Technologic comes in, as the companies aim to deliver next generation AR powered solutions.

What does Scope AR’s augmented reality solution offer?

Scope AR stated that the augmented reality experiences that it delivers empower technicians and engineers on manufacturing shop floors with visual training, work instructions, and remote assistance via AR headsets and mobiles. Scope AR’s ‘WorkLink’ solution offers an end-to-end enterprise platform for authoring, distributing and viewing advanced AR experiences. The platform superimposes 3D files onto real-world objects and work surfaces, supporting critical use cases such as assembly, inspection, maintenance, repair, and more.

“WorkLink supercharges productivity through augmented reality-enabled work instructions, remote assistance, and training. As procedures are executed, data is captured and eQ can deliver that data to other systems to realize the full ROI story around the digital thread,” said Aaron DeYonker, VP of Product for Scope AR.

What does eQ Technologic’s platform offer?

eQ Technologic’s ‘eQube-DaaS’ Platform makes it easier for different industries to adapt to new digital ways of working. The platform creates a “Data Fabric” – a network that links data, applications, and devices together – making it more straightforward for users to analyze data and make informed decisions. eQube comes with over 90 ready-to-use Connectors that quickly connect different systems no matter their setup, allowing users to handle any type of data, in any format, and work with any system or device without needing to code, according to the company. 

“eQube-DaaS Platform’s job is to connect with multiple systems to provide seamless integrations and enterprise wide visibility. Connecting PLM systems to Scope AR is one part of the equation. By bringing Scope AR on our Digital Backbone, we are able to seamlessly connect the dots between Scope AR and various other systems,” added Sanjeev Tamboli, Sr VP of Products and CTO at eQ Technologic. 

What will the partnership offer enterprise customers?

As a result of the partnership, with eQ Technologic’s ‘eQube-DaaS’ platform, WorkLink can seamlessly integrate with a variety of systems, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Internet of Things (IoT), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Other productivity outcomes resulting from the partnership include error detection and reduction during critical manufacturing and inspection processes, and capability to “document while doing” for full traceability and audit support, according to the companies.

What industries and customers stand to benefit?

Scope AR and eQ Technologic currently share customers in aerospace and defense, DoD, and machinery sectors, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Rolls Royce. Both WorkLink and eQube integrate with the Siemens Xcelerator suite of software for Industry and can support cloud or on-premises deployments. The two partners will be showcasing their solutions for enterprise at Siemens’s Realize LIVE 2024 Americas event in Las Vegas from May 13-16.

To learn more about Scope AR and its enterprise AR solutions, click here.

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