Vision Products to Support AVT Simulation with Augmented Reality HMDs For Apache Pilot Training

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July 9, 2024 – Vision Products, a provider of head/helmet mounted displays (HMDs) for military flight, training, and simulation, has this week announced that it has been awarded a contract to deliver its SA-62/H HMD in support of Applied Visual Technology (AVT) Simulation’s Targeted Fidelity Apache Tactical Trainer (TFATT).

What do the two companies do?

Vision Products’ SA-62/H is an optical see-through augmented reality (AR) HMD that offers symbology and video imagery over a wide 53° horizontal by 33° vertical field of view (FOV) display. The device’s full-color OLED microdisplay offers a resolution of 1920 x 1200 to ensure clear imagery across the entire FOV, according to the company.

AVT Simulation provides specialized simulation solutions for its Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine customers. The company’s products include an Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT) and a Targeted Fidelity Aircraft Trainer (TFAT), which assist in training aircrews in the operation of various aircraft.

A Targeted Fidelity Aircrew Trainer from AVT Simulation

How will Vision Products’ solution support AVT Simulation?

The SA-62/H from Vision Products attaches to an Apache AAIH helmet without modifications. The display drive electronics can be mounted on the rear of the helmet or within a simulator or aircraft. Designed for Apache helicopters, the SA-62/H has been used in Apache training systems.

Vision Products’ SA-62 model HMD attached to a helmet, with electronics mounted at the rear.

Michael Browne, Vision Products’ President, stated: “We are very excited to work with AVT to deliver the next generation of Apache trainer HMDs that leverage our SA-62/H development. This HMD provides color, high resolution visualization for Apache pilots both on the ground and in the air for increased situational awareness.”

Where will the TFATT solution be utilized?

AVT is collaborating with the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) on the initiative. TFATT will extend AVT’s Targeted Fidelity Aircraft Trainer-Apache (TFAT-A) product line and will be part of the Multi Ship Multi Type (MSMT) program, which will allow Longbow Crew Trainers to link with the TFATT as their wingman.

For more information on Vision Products’ augmented and virtual reality solutions for simulation training, click here. To learn more about Applied Visual Technology Simulation’s aircrew training solutions, click here.

Image credit: Vision Products / AVT Simulation

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