XREAL launches Air 2 Ultra AR glasses as its answer to the Vision Pro and Quest 3

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January 8, 2024 – XREAL, a provider of consumer augmented reality (AR) glasses, has announced from CES 2024 the launch of the XREAL Air 2 Ultra, the latest in its XREAL Air series AR glasses, and offering six degrees of freedom (6DoF) through dual 3D environment sensors with computer vision capabilities.

XREAL stated that the XREAL Air 2 Ultra will provide an affordable alternative to competing devices such as the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 XR headsets. The Air 2 Ultra combines high-tech features with a stylish titanium ring frame, and is available for pre-order for USD $699.

“With XREAL Air 2 Ultra we’re empowering developers around the world by providing an affordable and lightweight solution that allows them to jump into the exciting world of spatial computing and create the next generation of mixed reality experiences,” said Chi Xu, founder and CEO of XREAL. “We put 6DoF AR glasses on the map with our Nreal Light model in 2020 and are thrilled to unveil its highly-requested successor.

“XREAL Air 2 Ultra packs in tons of spatial computing tech in a smaller, more comfortable, and much more stylish form factor than what others are producing today. Unlike competing brands in this emerging space, we believe in making advanced wearable 6DoF glasses something you can wear all day long and that are accessible to all players in the XR development ecosystem.”

Enhancing Spatial Computing

The XREAL Air 2 Ultra is equipped with what the company states are the smallest 3D environment sensors available, which will enable hand tracking, 3D mesh creation, semantic scene understanding, and future AI capabilities, according to the company. 

The glasses also include XREAL’s AR environment launcher called Nebula (Android, Mac, Windows), and XREAL’s latest SDK with a significant focus on spatial computing technology enablers that take advantage of the new in-frame sensors.

Additionally, the glasses feature full HD viewing, a 52° field-of-view, and a 120Hz refresh rate, and peak brightness of 500 nits. They also support virtual 2D screen casting that offers an equivalent screen of 154 inches from a distance of 13 feet. XREAL Air 2 Ultra also boast “cinematic-grade” audio with directional technology.

XREAL also stated that its XREAL Air 2 Ultra, as well as the XREAL Air 2 and XREAL Air 2 Pro glasses, support Apple’s latest spatial video feature. This means that users can convert spatial videos captured on iPhone 15 Pro to a regular side-by-side format using third-party iPhone apps, which can be viewed on XREAL Air 2 series glasses, according to the company. If true, and if this functionality works seamlessly, then this will mean that users will be able to experience spatial video from captured on iPhone 15 Pro, without the need for an expensive Apple Vision Pro.

Design and User Experience

Weighing just 80 grams, the XREAL Air 2 Ultra’s titanium frame is designed for long-term comfort. The glasses are also TÜV Rheinland certified for Color Accuracy, Eye Comfort, Low Blue Light, and Flicker Free usage, while exceeding ISO standards in terms of image quality and viewing comfort, according to XREAL.

XREAL at CES 2024

XREAL will be at CES 2024 in Las Vegas this week to demonstrate “The Spatial Life” experience, showcasing how 2D applications and widgets can become immersive in 3D, blending into the physical world through AR glasses.

XREAL Air 2 Ultra Pricing and Availability

Pre-orders for the XREAL Air 2 Ultra are now available for USD $699, with shipping expected in March 2024. The product will be compatible with a range of devices, including but not limited to Mac and Windows Laptops, Samsung Android phones, and iPhone 15. The company’s latest NRSDK 2.2 (built on Unity) will also ship with the glasses, and will support several new features for AR development.

Finally, XREAL stated that users who purchased Nreal Light in the past, the company’s inaugural 6DoF AR glasses, will receive a US$100 discount on pre-orders for the XREAL Air 2 Ultra. 

For more information on XREAL and its AR glasses, please visit the company’s website.

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