Arthur’s ‘Professional Edition’ Virtual Reality office space and collaboration platform comes out of beta and enters stable release

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September 1, 2021 – Arthur, a virtual reality (VR) office space provider that helps enterprises create large-scale virtual offices with advanced fully immersive collaborative environments, has today announced that its Professional Edition is out of beta and has entered stable release. With now more than 70 people able to gather as photorealistic avatars in a VR meeting space at a single time, the platform offers companies infinite virtual real estate to replicate a physical office while helping to increase productivity and enhance company culture. 

Led by Arthur Founder and CEO Christoph Fleischmann, the platform provides Fortune 500 businesses and large scale organizations a go-to VR solution that enables collaborative sessions in a remote environment. Arthur’s top-tier clientele, such as Societe Generale, Nestle and the United Nations, can build office spaces with permanency features and meet as photorealistic avatars, utilizing tools like manipulable 3D flowcharts, editable whiteboards, integrated video on virtual monitors and spatial audio with specialized “audio zones” for private conversations. These features help to immerse users in both the virtual and real-world. 

“As a company with a mission of transforming the future of work, coming out of beta is the next step in the evolution of productivity and is a new chapter for Arthur,” said Fleischmann. “Virtual reality offers innovative solutions that no other technology is able to accomplish. Arthur provides enterprises with a solution capable of providing deep and meaningful collaboration. Companies seeking to solve their internal communication in a hybrid work setting can do so by lowering office and travel expenses as well as lessening carbon emissions.”

The following five key areas of the platform have received significant updates as the professional edition of Arthur comes out of beta, helping companies strategically integrate the VR platform into their hybrid work toolkit:

  1. Accessibility: Enterprise teams can manage accessibility, including management, sub-teams, user roles and restrictions;
  2. Platforms: The professional edition will be supported on the Pico Neo 3 Pro and HTC Focus 3 in the coming weeks;
  3. Productivity: A new sticky notes feature is being added in addition to multi-user low latency screen sharing capabilities, including a screen share snapshot, versatile pinboard feature for brainstorming, kanban boards and more;
  4. Scale & stability: Arthur can now support more than 70 VR users in the same room at the same time;
  5. Security: SOC II certification is in progress to provide highly secure VR meetings, which includes high availability, backups and full end-to-end encryption of all information.

Arthur states that its platform has expanded to address the needs of a wide variety of global industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, consulting, insurance and finance. The company also added that it has already gained significant traction in those industries, with usage continuously increasing. In 2021 alone, enterprise users have spent a total of 1.6 million minutes in Arthur, according to the company.

Arthur boasts some impressive environments in which users can meet and collaborate.

Beyond collaborative work, Arthur users can host conferences and events on the platform in flexible spaces for unique gatherings with rooms and spaces for breakout sessions, one-on-one conversations and social networking opportunities. 

Furthermore, work done in Arthur can be exported and shared beyond the platform, since it currently supports software integrations with major enterprise solutions like Google Drive, SharePoint, Jira and similar web applications. Arthur also secures private client data and offers users 2D support for employees and team members who are unable to join in virtual reality.

For more information on Arthur and its virtual collaboration platform, visit the company’s website. For those interested in implementing Arthur and its professional VR platform for businesses, please get in touch with us.

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