Arvizio introduces new capabilities to MR Studio, including life size Point Cloud walk through on HoloLens and Magic Leap headsets

350million point photogrammetry model of Melbourne rendered in mixed reality

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July 15, 2019 – Arvizio has announced today the introduction of new capabilities to its MR Studio enterprise mixed reality platform. The new 4.0 release features hybrid rendering which allows GPU accelerated resources to stream large 3D models to multiple participants and simultaneously interact with point cloud and photogrammetry models utilizing Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap mixed reality headset devices.

Reality capture, using LiDAR, 3D scanners or photogrammetry, is a useful tool for capturing world scale 3D scenes which have been typically visualized in 2D. According to Arvizio, the ability to stream large point clouds to immersive 3D devices opens a new range of applications across industries including AEC, surveying and GIS, mining, energy and public safety initiatives. However, point clouds also bring with them a unique set of challenges due to the high number of points that must be rendered and the CPU and GPU limitations of headsets and mobile devices. Through a combination of dynamic level of detail processing and GPU accelerated rendering, Arvizio states that it can stream LiDAR scans and photogrammetry models to untethered, standalone mixed reality headsets.

The MR Studio 4.0 release also includes fully automated 3D model optimization and hybrid rendering for large and complex BIM and CAD 3D models, new augmented reality immersive apps for iOS and Android devices, with cross platform sharing and additional 3D model formats including GLTF 2.0. MR Studio 4.0 also includes multi-model alignment to allow virtual objects, such as buildings and machinery to be positioned within the point cloud experience.

“The ability to visualize and interact with 3D point cloud and photogrammetry content as if you were actually onsite, creates a seamless workflow environment from reality capture to immersion,” said Jonathan Reeves, CEO at Arvizio. “With MR Studio, our customers can leverage the convergence of advanced 3D scanning and immersive technologies for multi-user, interactive shared experiences that promote more insightful, effective decisions.”

Multiple participants can now collectively view synchronized point cloud data, walk through it at life scale, and teleport to any position within the scan. MR Studio also offers real-world alignment, which allows a point cloud or models to be aligned with real world objects.

The multi-user point cloud experiences are available for customer trials with the Arvizio MR Studio 4.0 release.

Image credit: Arvizio

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