Blue Hat launches Augmented Reality-based education classes for preschools in China

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February 24, 2020 – Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology, a producer, developer and operator of augmented reality interactive entertainment games, toys and educational materials in China, has recently announced the launch of ‘Smart Immersive Cognitive Education Classes’, a smart product that integrates education with technology. The first iteration of the product is already in use in more than 10 preschools in China’s Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Participating preschools include both state-operated and privately-operated preschools.

Smart Immersive Cognitive Education Classes are the latest addition to Blue Hat’s range of immersive educational products that utilize AR technology to create a dynamic and engaging model for teaching in China’s preschools. The new suite of smart educational products also includes the recently announced ‘Smart Screen Immersive Education Classes’ and ‘Smart Immersive Physical Education Classes.’ The three products are suitable for different teaching scenarios, and can be used independently or together with one another to promote children’s overall development.

The classes offer a wide variety of AR-enabled tasks designed to exercise the cognitive abilities of children between the ages of three and six years old by projecting images and activities onto a classroom tabletop. As the images projected on the tabletop react to children’s movements, they can learn for themselves, with feedback, including scores and suggestions for improvement, projected onto the table after completion. A tabletop can be used by up to six children at one time, supporting both independent learning and group activities or competitions. The product’s content has been designed by Blue Hat’s in-house team of educational experts and all activities are carefully guided by teachers trained in the product’s use.

“With minimal set-up required, Blue Hat’s Smart Immersive Cognitive Education Classes allow preschools to transform their ordinary classroom tables into a smart interactive hub of activities to exercise the minds of their students,” said Xiaodong Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Hat. “We believe the development of AR technology has great potential for changing the way children interact with educational content, merging the real with the virtual for a truly immersive smart educational experience. As our products continue to win praise from parents, students and teachers, we intend to pursue more partnerships with preschools in China.”

As well as its AR education products, Blue Hat also offers a series of augmented reality-based toys. As part of its growth strategy, the company has stated that it will be focusing on enhancing game content, as well as bringing out new products, such as a smart doll. Plus, Blue Hat also operates physical stores and play-based learning centers in mainland China, and plans to continue to open or franchise future stores. With its catalogue of AR toys and educational offerings, it could be safe to assume that the company will be incorporating augmented reality technology into these new locations in some way.

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