Bose and Goldenvoice collaborate to bring Bose Frames and Audio Augmented Reality to Coachella

April 08, 2019 – Goldenvoice, creators of Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, and audio hardware company Bose have joined together to bring audio augmented reality experiences with Bose Frames to Coachella. As the exclusive wearable technology provider of the festival, Bose enhanced the official Coachella smartphone app with new features made possible by the Bose AR audio augmented reality platform. The integration will unlock special audio content for festival-goers who use the app while wearing Bose Frames. This is the first time Bose Frames and Bose AR will be integrated into a music festival.

By pairing their Bose Frames with the Coachella app, users will be able to access and hear exclusive, real-time audio notifications and helpful updates about the festival, including reminders for their favorite artist’s scheduled performances. Bose Frames combine the protection and style of premium sunglasses with the functionality and performance of wireless headphones. Through Bose’s proprietary open-ear audio design, fans will be able to enjoy the exclusive festival content, as well as listen to their own music throughout the day in between performances – without missing any of the sounds of Coachella around them.

“We’re proud to see this exclusive content made available through Bose AR at Coachella,” said Crystal MacKenzie, head of marketing, Bose AR. “Fans who pair their Bose Frames with the app while attending the show will be able to spend more time looking up and seeing what’s going on around them, while accessing information that will help make their experience even better.”

Bose Frames will be available for sale to Coachella attendees in the merchandise tents at the festival this year.

Image credit: Bose

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