CareAR announces acquisition of MagicLens, a 3D visualization and Augmented Reality platform

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January 11, 2022 — CareAR, a provider of  an augmented reality (AR) and AI visual support platform that provides real-time access to expertise for customers, has today announced the acquisition of MagicLens, a 3D visualization and AR-based platform designed to showcase industrial products.

MagicLens leverages computer-aided design (CAD) data to enable 3D content visualization, video simulations for AR-enriched 3D content and high-quality renderings of models. CareAR stated that it will extend its service offering by bundling rich AR content created by MagicLens’ 3D toolsets and domain expertise to provide a visual AR experience for industrial and physical products.

Today’s announcement marks a continuation of CareAR’s acquisition strategy to further deliver new sets of tools and capabilities that will help to drive a greater service experience for its customers. Just last month the company announced its acquisition of CraftAR, an AR embedded image recognition platform.

“We are laser-focused on reinventing the service experience by enabling seamless and intelligent user experiences. The ability to visualize any static image or object in action opens up a new world of possibilities,” said Sam Waicberg, president of CareAR. “The MagicLens acquisition further strengthens our ability to provide greater visual service and support capabilities and now extends new offerings into the marketing arena.”

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed by either company. For more information on CareAR and its augmented reality support platform, please visit the company’s website.

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