CNN introduces interactive mixed media spatial storytelling on Magic Leap One

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June 11, 2019 – Today CNN has expanded the capabilities of the CNN app on Magic Leap One, introducing interactive mixed media spatial storytelling. Expanding the power to “go there,” the application delivers a deeper, more captivating experience by combining CNN’s video storytelling with 3D interactive elements.

For one of the first of these bespoke spatial stories launching on the CNN App, CNN is diving into the Thai cave rescue by combining a collection of CNN news coverage with interactive explainer elements. The interactive experience helps users understand first-hand how and why the group became trapped and the challenges surrounding their rescue.

Key features of the Thai cave rescue spatial storytelling experience include the capability to explore the terrain of the cave, hover over the timeline and see an animation of the rescue process, plus the ability to go inside the cave to experience how narrow it was.

In addition to spatial storytelling, the CNN App on Magic Leap One features the ability for users to launch up to four TV screens, place them anywhere in their space, and resize the screens as they see fit.

Users are now able to access clips of the top, trending and world news, in addition to the original spatial storytelling features, without TV authentication. Live TV from CNN, HLN and CNN International, CNN Original Series, and full news program replays are also available with TV authentication.

The CNN app in Magic Leap World is available for download today.

Image credit: Magic Leap

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