DAQRI Opens Vienna Office with Commitment to Grow its Computer Vision Team

August 1, 2017 – DAQRI has announced an expansion of the DAQRI Vienna Research Center into its own standalone space. The team in Vienna has been operating for a year and focuses on applied computer vision research.

Daniel Wagner, Chief Scientist who leads DAQRI’s Vienna team, which has grown to 25 over the last year commented, “I couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made here, in terms of building the team and the work that we’re doing. DAQRI is committed to leading the way in computer vision research and it’s an honor to work with the brightest engineering minds in the field on our team.”

Computer Vision (CV) is the science behind giving a computer the ability to recognize and understand its environment. CV is used in many industries due to its broad range of capabilities, such as image processing, feature extraction and object recognition, document analysis, motion detection and tracking, multi-spectral imaging, and machine learning. An integral part of augmented reality, CV is what allows DAQRI’s smart devices to understand the spatial geometry of the world around them and intelligently display content in relation to the real world. In order to create true AR that is capable of delivering contextually relevant and actionable information, the computer driving the experience needs to be able to comprehend a user’s surroundings.

“Computer vision is a fundamental building block for AR,” said Roy Ashok, Chief Product Officer at DAQRI. “To be a professional-grade, best in class augmented reality technology company, you need to continuously raise the bar by developing new technologies that are optimized in hardware. I am happy to see the office in Vienna grow with outstanding talent from all over the world working hard to deliver innovations that continue to augment DAQRI products.”

Image credit: DAQRI

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