Darabase and Zappar partner to launch permission-based GeoAR service

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January 24, 2020 – Darabase, a provider of a platform to manage and monetise Augmented Reality (AR) permissions in the physical world, has announced a new partnership with Zappar, a developer of AR experiences and creative tools. The partnership delivers a permission-based AR content platform for brands and property owners.

Darabase enables property owners to register their AR rights to earn money by allowing advertising, as well as allowing them to choose and protect their properties from unwanted inclusion in AR-based advertising or campaigns. Through the integration with the Zappar platform, registered property owners can now use the Darabase Portal to manage and serve their own AR content experiences on their buildings and storefronts.

Dominic Collins, Darabase CEO, commented: “We are proud and excited to announce this strategic partnership with Zappar. Their world-leading technology combined with our unique property permission service has enabled us to accelerate our shared vision of an end to end permission-based ecosystem for location-based augmented reality in the real world. Brands can now run AR campaigns in a location with confidence in the sure knowledge that property owners have granted permission. You can expect much more from this partnership as we continue through 2020 and beyond.”

Darabase and Zappar have collaborated to integrate the Zappar WebAR and marker recognition technology solution into Darabase’s Spatial Content Server and wider campaign management technology solution. According to the companies, the integration of Zappar’s WebAR with the Darabase property portal now facilitates recognition of signage, building features and other anchor points. This builds on Darabase’s ability to place AR content in the real world – something that Darabase refers to as GeoAR.

Darabase states that it has initially focused on WebAR since brands often cite distribution as a key reason they haven’t used AR. With Zappar WebAR technology integrated with the Darabase permissions and content APIs, this is no longer an issue since the content is available in most mobile browsers. The experience is initiated through a customised deep link but a QR code is also available if preferred. The client can choose between a Darabase or client-branded version of the experience.

Caspar Thykier, Zappar CEO, said: “Zappar is delighted to partner with Darabase through our leading WebAR technology. Darabase’s thought leadership around permissions in the AR industry and unique technology solution means Zappar continues to further its vision of making the world scannable, this time with permission-based properties and locations on which brands can capture value. The Darabase team come with an incredible pedigree and a shared vision for building commercial value through camera devices, as we continue to develop in 2020 and beyond.”

The companies anticipate that the partnership will help define the beginning of permission-based AR media in the real world. Something which they see as a fundamental requirement for the industry to grow.

Image credit: Darabase/Zappar

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