Dark Slope partners with The American College of Chest Physicians to develop Virtual Reality intubation training

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August 13, 2020 – Toronto-based immersive learning company, Dark Slope, has this week announced its collaboration with The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST). Based on CHEST’s curricula Dark Slope will develop a complete virtual reality (VR) training program on intubation techniques and best practices.

The training will be made available through Dark Slope’s immersive learning platform, Involve XR. Consisting of a fully immersive and interactive ICU environment, physicians and other critical care workers will be able to engage with dynamic, team-based, true-to-life training scenarios on intubation procedures. The solution will also allow participants to train from any location with other remote team-members and live instructors, using VR headsets.

“COVID-19 has underlined the need to train pulmonary and critical care workers effectively on proper intubation techniques,” said Robert Musacchio, CEO/EVP of CHEST. “VR allows trainees to practice a range of patient scenarios, visualize aerosolization, and train without the need to travel to a simulation center or conference. We see virtual simulation as a key pillar of the future of healthcare training for our 20,000+ members, and the broader domestic and international clinical community.”

Raja Khanna, CEO at Dark Slope, commented: “Dark Slope’s approach to virtual learning is to partner with subject matter experts like CHEST to develop science-backed and accredited training programs that can be built once and then made available to learners globally.” He added, “Spatial skills are best learned through practice and live simulation training, both of which are enabled in virtual and augmented reality by our Involve XR platform.”

The Toronto-based immersive learning and spatial software company leverages its Involve XR learning platform to assist with effective training and team collaboration across verticals including health and safety, field operations and soft skill development. The company states that it works with global organizations across VR, AR and MR platforms to build, integrate and deploy scalable learning solutions. 

Dark Slope states that its virtual intubation simulation program is set to launch this fall. The company has added that additional details will be announced at a later date. For more information on Dark Slope, please visit the company’s website.

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