DPVR partners with Edutech Expert and Veative to promote educational VR headsets to 10,000 schools across Poland

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April 19, 2022 – DPVR, a manufacturer and provider of virtual reality (VR) devices, has recently announced that it has entered a cooperation agreement with Edutech Expert, a Poland-based provider of educational products and services, and Veative, a provider of immersive learning solutions, to promote educational VR headsets to more than 10,000 schools across Poland.

In 2021, the Polish Ministry of Education launched a major subsidy program for Polish primary schools with an approximate budget of USD $230 million. Schools taking part in the program are able to buy new technologies such as 3D printers, educational robots, soldering stations, VR devices and other hi-tech equipment.

According to DPVR, together the three companies will work to develop a new VR learning device called ‘eduVR’ – an all in one VR headset specifically designed for school students that will come preloaded with more than 500+ educational modules suitable for grades 6 to 12.

Modules will cover subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics and will consist of a learning objective outline, an active learning session focused on a key concept, and a formative assessment.

The device will also have a learning management platform that offers an easy-to-use online classroom and content management system, making it more straightforward for teachers and administrators to access several different resources to monitor or help students with their progress.

eduVR will enable students to immediately test their knowledge after each lesson, helping them to consolidate their learning and re-visit any topics they don’t understand. Teachers will then be able to review the results from online learning sessions and adjust their physical lesson content in order to suit the needs of their students accordingly.

DPVR stated that solutions such as eduVR will provide schools with more collaborative and interactive learning methods, which the company believes will help schools to reduce absence rates by granting students access to remote learning materials, meaning they don’t have to physically be in the classroom.

Commenting on the partnership, Bartosz Michalak, founder and CEO of Edutech Expert, said: “Our mission is to support Polish schools with advice and provide them with the best possible educational solutions. We want to change the Polish educational system for the better, so that students will be prepared for when they complete their education and enter the job market. We believe that virtual reality will be a key technology in the future, and we want to offer the tools that allow teachers and students to learn how to use VR technology now.”

Michalak also noted that Veative’s library of over 500+ education modules is in line with the Polish curriculum, and that DPVR’s headsets meet all of the demands of the ongoing government subsidy program, for which Edutech Expert is a qualified supplier and has already provided educational equipment to more than 1,200 schools under.

“Our goal at Veative is to bring lessons to life to help make it easier for students to understand complex concepts. In order to achieve this, Veative continues to grow its courseware library and optimize lesson content,” said Dave Dolan, CPO of Veative.

Also commenting on the partnership, Derek Liu, VP at DPVR said: “The DPVR team was really energized about helping Edutech Expert to customize our all in one VR headsets for this project. The needs of virtual reality in education are constantly changing, and we as a hardware supplier are one of the few brands that can customize our hardware to suit different needs, just like our recently announced 4G/5G wireless module. Being able to satisfy the needs of integrators to create amazing end user solutions is always our first priority.”

DPVR stated that it plans to roll out the eduVR solution to schools across Poland, but that the solution can also be easily adapted for use in different countries, as well as for corporate or enterprise use cases.

For more information on DPVR and its customizable VR hardware and software solutions for enterprises and organizations, please visit the company’s website.

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