EON Reality and DENSO announce they will expand development of AR and VR training solutions for DENSO employees

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July 16, 2019 – EON Reality and automotive technology and component supplier, DENSO, have announced today that they will expand the development of a series of Augmented and Virtual Reality training solutions for DENSO employees.

DENSO initially used a trial run of EON’s Creator AVR platform at its Singapore office as a way to provide trainers with a variety of customized interactive lessons. According to the company, it noticed how efficient the AVR Platform could be when compared to traditional training methods, as well as the potential the platform had to make employee training easier, given DENSO’s operations in over 200 locations, and more than 170,000 technicians and employees worldwide.

Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality, said: “Our partnership with DENSO has been a great example of how powerful Creator AVR and the rest of the AVR Platform can be when used efficiently. For a company of that scale, the AVR Platform offers simple solutions to complex problems that would cost exponentially more when handled in other manners. As we continue to build our relationship with DENSO and explore new avenues with them, I look forward to seeing where else we can implement the AVR Platform.”

DENSO Singapore is working with EON to adopt more Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions in the future as the company embraces Industry 4.0. Additionally, DENSO Singapore is looking to further improve its efficiency with a number of technology-based initiatives beyond AVR solutions, in order to provide a training platform for workers around the world.

EON Reality stated that it for these reasons, it expects the partnership between the two companies is likely to expand going forward.

Image credit: EON Reality/DENSO

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