EON Reality and University of Bologna announce new masters degree in Innovation and Immersive Technologies

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September 2, 2019EON Reality Inc. and the University of Bologna in Italy, have announced a new fully-accredited Master’s degree in both Innovation studies and Extended Realities (XR).

The ‘MIXR’ master’s (with honors) degree combines digital leadership across several industry sectors, including practice-based studies in XR, and encompassing both Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) theory and app development.

EON Reality stated that the new master’s degree has been created in response to Industry 4.0, the changing landscape of tech-based education, and the expansion of skills required to fit the talent needs of modern global businesses.

Gustavo Marfia, Director, Department for Life Quality Studies at the University of Bologna, commented: “The aim of MIXR is to provide students with the knowledge required to engineer XR experiences, specializing such skills in four high-potential domains: design, architecture, fashion, and medicine.”

The MIXR educational program will be taught in two phases followed by an industry internship provided by EON Reality. The first phase of the immersive Masters degree focuses on an advanced foundation of theoretical and methodological knowledge delivered by the University of Bologna faculty. The second phase of the Masters is technology-led and covered by EON Reality’s global VR Innovation Academy team based out of Manchester, UK in conjunction with the University of Bologna faculty.

Finally, the degree course concludes with a Student Internship at the laboratories of EON Reality’s Bologna office, along with a choice selection of other XR companies. The internship will provide students with application ideation, incubation, and development across a variety of hardware systems. These systems will range from mobile devices and Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others, to research-specific spaces likes Cave Automatic Virtual Environments (CAVEs).

“This is the first program like this on a global level, and it shows how far EON Reality has progressed as the true leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality education. The Global Academy team is extremely excited and inspired by this brand new postgraduate-level partnership with the University of Bologna,” said Marcin Kasica, Director of Global Education and Training at EON Reality.

The MIXR Degree, taught by the University of Bologna in collaboration with EON Reality, launches this November for the start of the academic year.

Image credit: EON Reality/University of Bologna

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