EON Reality unveils addition of Virtual Reality World Heritage Sites to its AR and VR library

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July 23, 2020 – EON Reality, a provider of augmented, virtual and mixed reality-based (AR/VR/MR) knowledge and skills transfer solutions for industry and education, has recently announced that for its latest addition to its AR and VR library, it has released a brand new update containing over 1,000 “world heritage sites” using immersive and interactive 360° images and 3D models.

The sites include famous locales past and present, including natural marvels like America’s National Parks and the Swiss Alps, man-made wonders such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Great Wall of China, and historic locations such as Ancient Babylonia and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Designed to provide educators and travelers with the ability to virtually visit and experience new places within the AR and VR library from the safety of their own homes, EON Reality states that each of the locations can have information added to them — granting organizations the ability to build pre-made lessons, as well as a blank canvas to create a learning session about a specific topic. The company added that, particularly in a time when international travel is heavily prohibited for much of the world, giving users the opportunity to take field trips and vacations to a new environment in a matter of minutes can offer a valuable experience.

EON Reality stated that bringing these world heritage sites to its VR library lines up with the company’s goals of providing accessible AR and VR education to as many people as possible, as well the company’s own ‘Global Emergency Initiative’, which is aimed at helping solve remote education shortages. With many students unable to attend physical classes again until the COVID-19 pandemic is resolved, maintaining engaging and worthwhile educational materials has been a major undertaking for EON Reality in 2020.

EON Reality added that to date, much of its focus has been on replacing the hands-on training and education that it claims can “only be replicated through VR”. However, adding these new world heritage sites to its offering will give educators the opportunity to take students on virtual field trips that otherwise may not have been possible. For example, rather than teaching ancient history or foreign civilizations from a textbook, students can now experience it firsthand through the immersive platform.

The company closed its announcement by stating that: “The addition also goes hand-in-hand with EON Reality’s recent focus on self-directed learning as a means to teach both students and instructors to create their own immersive and interactive lessons through the Resource Center and other self-help tools.”

Image credit: EON Reality

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