Fashion brand Carolina Herrera launches Augmented Reality e-commerce experience powered by 8thWall

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June 4, 2021 – Fashion brand Carolina Herrera has launched a new augmented reality (AR) experience to allow customers to get up close with its latest clothing collection. Created in collaboration with Beem and powered by 8th Wall, the web-based augmented reality (WebAR) experience is integrated as part of the company’s e-commerce site and lets customers place holograms of models wearing select apparel in their homes to enhance their online shopping experience.

The WebAR feature is accessed by tapping the new “3D Experience Available” button prominently displayed on select product pages of the Carolina Herrera e-commerce site. Once activated, customers use their smartphone to place a model wearing the chosen style in their own space. From jackets to gowns, the virtual models help give customers a better perspective of the apparel in terms of scale and movement, which assists in their shopping decisions.

“Most customers are now digital-first. The pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital shopping,” said Beem CEO, Janosch Amstutz. “As retailers try to replicate the physical experience in an entirely virtual environment, Beem’s AR technology has enhanced the online shopping experience and taken it to a whole new level.” 

The WebAR experience requires no app to download as it is integrated within the Carolina Herrera website, helping to create a seamless experience for customers. Shoppers are able to access the augmented reality feature and return to the product page all within their web browser. The company stated that the addition of augmented reality as part of the e-commerce experience turns a flat digital experience into something more physical by placing the item in the customer’s physical world space, similar to how shoppers are accustomed to interacting with a product in-store.

“WebAR is enhancing the shopping experience by giving shoppers a new perspective on products, allowing them to get up close to the product which boosts their confidence in their buying decision,” said Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO & Founder of 8th Wall. “We are pleased to see Beem use our tools to create a compelling WebAR shopping experience that now lives on the Carolina Herrera e-commerce site.”

The WebAR experience can be immediately accessed across iOS and Android smartphones by tapping on select apparel listed on the Carolina Herrera website. To save searching through all items to find one that works with the experience though, click here (works on mobile only). For more information on 8th Wall and its WebAR platform, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Carolina Herrera / Beem / YouTube

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