Foresight Williams invests £2.5M growth capital into Kognitiv Spark to help expand its AR Remote Assist solution into new industries and geographies

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March 17, 2022 – The Foresight Williams Technology Fund, a joint venture between Foresight and Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), has this week announced a GBP £2.5 million growth capital investment into Kognitiv Spark, a provider of industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions that is commercializing its software that provides 3D data to support field service workers in remote locations.

Kognitiv Spark’s commercially available solution allows for the real-time sharing of 3D data sets and is able to maintain a stable video connection even in low bandwidth environments. Furthermore, the solution offers “defence-grade” security, according to the company.

The installation and maintenance of assets in the field can often require expert teams to travel, sometimes thousands of miles, all of which increases time, cost and greenhouse gas emissions. Kognitiv Spark’s product, RemoteSpark, is an augmented reality software package that enables the sharing of complex and critical data between a desk-based expert and a field-based worker.

The platform consists of a desktop application and an application that runs on an AR device. When a call is made between the two devices it provides a desk-based expert with a livestream of the workers’ point of view. Experts are then able to share PDF documents, 3D images and animations in real-time. Both the worker and expert can annotate assets during the call, and the platform allows for hands-free, voice-controlled operation, making it easier for the worker to complete tasks.

According to Williams Advanced Engineering, the growth capital will enable Kognitiv Spark to expand into new industries and geographies via new sales and marketing teams in the US and UK, as well as support the ongoing development of further products. The company also hopes to work with the WAE team in order to tap into WAE’s network of automotive, aerospace, industrial and manufacturing customers within the UK and EU markets.

Matthew Burke, Head of Technology Ventures at WAE, commented: “We are delighted to support Yan and the wider team at Kognitiv Spark with this investment. As well as introducing the company to our partners and customers, many of which have engineering, manufacturing and maintenance operations spread across the globe, we continue to explore applications of Kognitiv Spark’s remote support technology within WAE’s operations.”

Yan Simard, CEO at Kognitiv Spark, added: “We are incredibly pleased to be partnering with Foresight Williams as Kognitiv Spark continues to expand strategically on a global scale. The investment level by Foresight Williams signifies not only to us, but the mixed reality sector as a whole, that the time is now to focus on growth and solidifying our place in the market.”

For more information on Kognitiv Spark and its RemoteSpark augmented reality for remote assist, please visit the company’s website.

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