GlobalFoundries selects PTC’s Vuforia AR platform to transform its training processes

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July 30, 2019 – PTC has announced that GlobalFoundries, an international full-service foundry that delivers semiconductor technologies to manufacturers, has selected PTC’s Vuforia augmented reality solutions platform to transform its training processes. With a manufacturing footprint spanning three continents, GlobalFoundries is now deploying AR solutions to improve manufacturing processes and productivity in its worldwide factories.

GlobalFoundries has implemented Vuforia to digitize standard operating procedures (SOPs) for training manuals and maintenance processes, improve remote expert assistance, and construct digital twins for powering AI engines. By combining the Vuforia Expert Capture productivity solution and Vuforia Studio authoring environment, GF can create digital training experiences with augmented reality which can be viewed through AR enabled devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and RealWear’s HMT-1. The AR experiences can then be used to improve performance on factory floors and drive better business outcomes for workers at all levels, including the onboarding of new technicians, the training of existing technicians, and capturing expert knowledge from retiring workers.

“With a vision to change the semiconductor industry that’s changing the world, we are transforming every part of our workflow through the use of innovative technologies, including augmented reality. PTC’s Vuforia AR platform, which integrates point solutions, is a game-changer on this journey. Vuforia Expert Capture, for example, has quickly helped us set a new global standard for creating best-in-class SOPs to accelerate training and reduce variability at the source. With successful results already achieved from our initial roll-out, wherein we’ve seen up to a 50% reduction in training time, we look forward to capitalizing on other Vuforia-powered transformation initiatives in the future,” said Dr. DP Prakash, Global Head of Innovation from the CIO Office of GlobalFoundries.

“We are delighted to be supporting this visionary company’s digital transformation initiatives,” said Hillary Ashton, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Augmented Reality at PTC. “The worker skills gap continues to be a critical issue in manufacturing and PTC is excited to offer GlobalFoundries our award-winning augmented reality solutions to help tackle this challenge, giving GlobalFoundries, like other industrial businesses that have implemented Vuforia around the world, a competitive edge.”

Through immersive interactions and guidance, Vuforia’s AR experiences help workers to become skilled and productive in a shorter period of time than traditional training methods, enabling companies to increase worker effectiveness and productivity, improve production times, and reduce the risk of errors.

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