Holo4Labs offers Mixed Reality solution to help automate sample analysis in laboratories

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July 10, 2020 – Polish start-up, Holo4Labs, has announced recently that it has developed a mixed reality solution that allows laboratory workers to perform analytical procedures remotely. In June, Holo4Labs carried out an equity crowdfunding campaign and raised PLN 1.2 million from investors in 10 days. The company offers a system that utilizes the Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality device and is integrated with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) software used in laboratories.

According to Holo4Labs, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased demand for the services of diagnostics laboratories, which has placed a heavy workload on laboratory workers. At present, workers are performing standard tests, as well as carrying out thousands of additional daily tests on samples provided by people potentially infected with the coronavirus. Both time pressure and high workload can add to an increased risk of error. Holo4Labs states that its solution makes it possible to automate the process of sample analysis, helping to minimize errors from laboratory workers during sample testing.

Lab workers using Holo4Labs’ solution are able to view critical information on samples through the HoloLens 2 device, and do not have to input data manually into a computer. According to Przemysław Budnicki, CEO at Holo4Labs, the entire process of analyzing sample material is supported by the company’s solution, whereby software automatically scans samples and suggests next steps to lab workers. In addition, everything can take place under the supervision of external or remote supervisors, who are able to track a process from outside of a laboratory and instruct personnel as to the conditions for performing more complicated, multi-step procedures.

Furthermore, through remote assistance, more work that requires the supervision of senior personnel can be completed. If necessary, laboratory workers can connect to experts, who will be able to draw or add annotations to a lab worker’s view thanks to HoloLens 2’s mixed reality capabilities, which allows for the displaying holograms for workers in order to indicate key procedural steps, sharing computer screens to the device, or transferring appropriate files.

The data input and report generation process is also much faster, according to the company, and can take place automatically through the integration of Holo4Labs’ solution with LIMS software, making it possible to transfer results to authorized persons.

Budnicki commented: “Using the comprehensive system, the lab worker inputs data directly in the visual interface, and other data are downloaded from connected laboratory instruments and combined in the system. When the system receives a result from a testing device, it generates a report, and if possible, sends it to the appropriate person.”

Holo4Labs’ system facilitates the management of areas such as remote training, procedural compliance, and instrument testing, and also enables work on virtual laboratory instruments. The company states that the automation of the material analysis process helps lab workers to utilize their time more effectively, thus speeding up the time of sample testing itself, and that through the optimization of the entire analysis process, helps to limit workers’ physical presence at a laboratory.

For more information on Holo4Labs and its mixed reality solutions for diagnostics laboratories, visit the company’s website.

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