HP unveils HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality headset in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft


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May 28, 2020 – HP Inc. has today unveiled its latest virtual reality (VR) headset, the HP Reverb G2, in collaboration with industry leaders Valve and Microsoft. The HP Reverb G2 VR headset delivers high resolution optics, inside-out tracking, spatial 3D audio, natural gestures, long-wearing comfort, and plug and play support for Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR, according to HP.

“The power of collaboration is on full display with the HP Reverb G2, and alongside Valve and Microsoft, we engineered a no-compromises VR headset that’s immersive, comfortable, and compatible across Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR,” said Spike Huang, Vice President and Global Lead of VR, HP Inc. “The time is now for VR, and the HP Reverb G2 brings high-quality VR to the masses with more immersion for gamers, interactive experiences for creators, increased engagement for collaboration, and higher retention rates for education and training.”

HP worked closely with Valve and Microsoft to bring customers cutting-edge viewing, audio, and gesture technology, along with seamless integration across Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR platforms. The Reverb G2 keeps the best elements from the HP Reverb G1 device, including high-resolution LCDs and a lightweight design, but incorporates new aspects throughout – including a 114-degree field of view (FoV) for a more immersive experience, better audio with new speakers that enable spatial audio, 4-camera tracking that enables 2X the controller tracking volume, and increased comfort for extended VR sessions. The G2 represents HP’s “no-compromise” VR headset built for gaming, creation, collaboration, and learning.

“The HP Reverb G2 is an exciting device that takes advantage of the inside-out tracking technology in Windows Mixed Reality for full six degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) movement and spatial audio,” said Mark Bolas, Partner Director of Incubation at Microsoft. “With four cameras, the controller tracking feels even more like an extension of your hands, making the sense of immersion that much stronger.”

“We’re happy to see the expansion of the VR ecosystem in a way that is great for high-fidelity gaming,” commented Jeremy Selan, VR Engineer at Valve. “Providing customers with another quality option that includes some of Valve’s technology is good news for the VR community and we are happy to support that.”

Key Features of the HP Reverb G2 include:

  • Immersive Viewing: The new Valve designed lenses provide a boost to the visual experience with optics and reduced mural full RGB stripe, delivering 2K by 2K per eye. Users will be able to see text and textures more clearly. Plus, the 114-degree FoV adds to the immersive experience;
  • Spatial Audio: The new speakers sit 10mm off the ear, helping to improve comfort during set-up or removal. The new audio solution is also spatial audio ready, allowing users to experience a sense of 3D space when immersed in VR worlds. The device supports MSFT spatial audio, as well as HP Labs’ new spatial audio format that is anchored in artificial intelligence, new signal processing, and psychoacoustics; 
  • Natural Gestures: The controllers come with new features including an optimized button layout, and the ability to be pre-paired via Bluetooth for faster out-of-the-box set-up. The 4-camera Windows Mixed Reality compatible headset also enables 2X the controller tracking volume, maintaining 6DoF and excluding the need for external sensors or lighthouses;
  • Comfort: HP states that the G2 headset is more comfortable than the previous generation, as it features an increased facemask cushion for better weight distribution for extended VR sessions. Users can also flip the facemask 90 degrees when moving back and forth from the virtual to the real world.
  • Fluidity: The HP Reverb VR Headset G2 includes Windows Mixed Reality support for a faster plug and play experience with the latest Windows Builds, and also features SteamVR compatibility for access to the community’s favorite games and applications.

The HP Reverb VR Headset G2 is scheduled for availability starting Fall 2020 for USD $599. US pre-orders are available starting today via HP.com, SteamVR homepage, and select channel partners. Pre-orders for other select countries will be available over the next few weeks and months.

Video credit: Z by HP / YouTube

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