Current Studios is an experience design studio based out of Halifax, NS, Canada. The company is made up of producers, developers, designers, editors, animators, compositors, colourists and sound engineers who work on content for augmented reality experiences and film and broadcast productions.

The company collaborates with brands and ad agencies to create interactive experiences and has over 20 years of experience in multimedia content delivery, creative technology, film productions and digital gaming.

Current Studios’ work includes activations in augmented reality, connected technology (IoT), artificial intelligence, virtual reality, experience design, mobile applications, and emergent tech.

Acura: What a Race
Current Studios and Mullen Lowe produced this augmented reality car race, which was broadcast live on Facebook in July 2017. Acura’s “What a Race" highlighted the performance of the 2018 Acura TLX A-Spec with SH-AWD, as it drove across an augmented reality landscape that featured glaciers, thick jungle, and lava from an active volcano. A custom built headset, RKT GPS tracking, modified ABS breaks to track vehicle movement, and an assembly of innovative technology led drivers through over 1.5 miles of full scale virtual environments.

Current Studios state that 800,000 people tuned in for the live online broadcast, with the experience reaching over 4 million people within 24 hours. Those that were part of the live broadcast were also able to make real-time changes to the race through social media tools.

ACURA_AR_CASESTUDY from Current Studios on Vimeo.

The Whole Story
The Whole Story augmented reality app is a crowd-sourced platform that places virtual statues of influential women in prominent locations around the world, educating people about the influence these women had on history.

Tribeca Reactor
Current Studios worked with J. Walter Thompson to develop the Tribeca ReActor to promote the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. The ReActor was a computerized acting judge that challenged people to test their skills acting in iconic movie scenes for a chance to win tickets to the festival.

The ReActor combined voice and facial recognition with real-time background segmentation using a depth-sensing camera to analyze user performance and placed that performance into a movie scene. Each performance was recorded and posted online.

Cigna Bioball
Current Studios worked for OMD to create an interactive two player game that helped players learn their blood pressure and body mass index (BMI), with these biometrics influencing the game experience.

Cigna Bioball involved a 10x10 LCD room with a responsive LED floor, where players held a custom fabricated “BioBall” which captured their pulse and connected the user to a visual experience. Players were equipped with a Microsoft Hololens, which revealed 3D elements, particles and their own biometrics in holographic form.

The project debuted at Disney World in 2016 and moved on to regional events including Disney Land in Anaheim.

Interactive Santa
Current Studios worked in partnership with creative agency Arnold Worldwide, to create an interactive storefront in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. Passersby were able to engage with a “virtual Santa” via an SMS conversation powered by Arnold’s AI and IBM Watson. Bridging the digital and physical worlds, elves hiding in the storefront were then dispatched by Santa to surprise visitors with relevant gifts.

RBC VR Experience
Brightworks hired Current Studios to produce three 360 interactive VR videos for their financial client RBC. The experience was used to communicate RBC Rewards to potential customers by demonstrating a few of the ways the reward program could benefit cardholders. Built for the Samsung Gear VR, people were able to experience a tropical beach, golf getaway, and exclusive dining experience, while exploring the line-up of RBC Rewards products available.

1741 Brunswick St, 6th Floor
Halifax, NS, B3J 3X8

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51 – 200 Employees

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Phone: +1 902 455 2584


President – Nathan Kroll
VP, Operations (Halifax) – Matt Fegan
VP, Production / Executive Producer (Halifax) – Richard Huggard
Director of Development (Halifax) – Jessy Ouellette
VP, Creative Technology (New York) – Steve Martell