INDE’S Augmented Reality HeroMirror photo booth brings Pikachu to 7-Eleven’s annual conference

February 6, 2019 – INDE has announced today that it will be bringing it’s augmented reality photo booth to 7-Eleven’s annual convention in Las Vegas this month.

INDE had already integrated the 3D version of Pikachu in its AR photo booth for fans at Comic Con Brazil in December last year, to offer a unique photo opportunity with the well known character. The AR installation is part of a promotion for the upcoming Warner Bros. movie “Pokémon Detective Pikachu”, which will be in theatres in May 2019.

INDE stated that 2,742 images/videos were shared via email, and that 2,108 photos were printed on site. The company also added that the AR experience was “a huge success, triggering numerous other HeroMirror installations bringing Pikachu to life in multiple locations.”

Attendees of this year’s 7-Eleven franchisee conference will be able to get up-close with Pikachu using INDE’s HeroMirror.

Operating on a kiosk size footprint, INDE’s HeroMirror offers an entertainment solution for locations with limited space size, and provides an immersive platform to brands seeking to broaden the way they engage their audience.

Video credit: INDE/YouTube

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