INDE’s big-screen AR system launches at Magic Eye 3D Museum in Thailand

February 22, 2019 – INDE announced today that the Magic Eye 3D Museum in Hat Yai, Thailand, is now featuring life-sized, animated 3D wild animals that visitors can interact and take photos with, thanks to INDE’s BroadcastAR technology. The museum usually exhibits three-dimensional wall and floor paintings and optical illusions that visitors are encouraged to become a part of. Now, with the implementation of INDE’s BrooadcastAR large-screen AR experience, museum visitors can also interact with lifelike 3D characters in real time.

The AR experience recently launched at Magic Eye places visitors in different AR scenes – such as “Traveller”, created for National Geographic, and “Arctic Explorer”, originally developed for BBC – and gets them up-close with 3D photo-realistic digital whales, polar bears, elephants, giraffes and other creatures.

At the end of the AR experience, guests are able to view and share AR snapshots automatically taken by the system on a dedicated micro-site with INDE’s SnapShare solution, integrated in BroadcastAR.

INDE stated in a press release that “an increasing number of institutions and companies in education and entertainment are looking at innovative ways to provide new experiences to their audiences. Augmented Reality has become one of the most sought-after technologies today, due to its ability to engage, educate and entertain in a unique way.”

INDE has already put life-sized digital dinosaurs, whales and jaguars into museums, zoos, theme parks and shopping centers worldwide.

Image credit: INDE/Magic Eye

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