Inpixon acquires suite of Augmented Reality, computer vision and 3D mapping technologies from Visualix

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April 30, 2021 – Inpixon, a company that uses technology to capture indoor data to create actionable intelligence, has this week announced the acquisition of a suite of augmented reality (AR), computer vision, localization, navigation, mapping, and 3D reconstruction technologies, including patents, trademarks, software and related intellectual property, from Visualix.

According to Inpixon, the solutions acquired from Visualix leverage patent-pending technologies and a smartphone’s camera and on-board sensors to create 3D models of indoor spaces; position a user on a map with centimeter-level accuracy; provide turn-by-turn, visually-guided navigation; overlay virtual artifacts onto the live map displaying key information, such as room name, amenities, photos or reviews; and make the navigated experience shareable with others.

“Merging the virtual and physical worlds can transform the way we interact with our environment, tell stories, and utilize information,” noted Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon. “The opportunities for augmented reality and computer vision to create smarter, safer and more secure spaces are nearly limitless — everything from navigation, asset tracking and smart-office applications to customer service, marketing and gamification. Both existing and potential customers have already expressed a desire for AR technologies. This acquisition illustrates our commitment to continuous innovation and integration of industry-leading, best-of-breed technologies positioning Inpixon to be able to meet this next wave of technology demand.”

According to Inpixon’s COO, Soumya Das, the Visualix solution’s simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms and related technologies can enable map creation and localization without requiring beacons or external sensors, which can ultimately help to simplify development and deployment. As a result, Inpixon intends to integrate and leverage the spatial computing and visual positioning technologies from Visualix in order to pursue new verticals in the commercial, industrial and consumer markets, as well as enhance Inpixon’s existing offerings. 

Visualix co-founder, Michael Bucko, stated: “Our co-founder Darius Pajouh and I are very excited to be joining the Inpixon team and to begin integrating the computer vision and augmented reality technologies into the Inpixon Indoor Intelligence platform.” Pajouh added, “We believe AR and its related features are moving into the mainstream and are poised to become part of nearly every smartphone users’ daily experience. Inpixon is the perfect home for Visualix technologies, and we look forward to bringing the power and extraordinary benefits of AR and spatial mapping to businesses and their employees around the world.”

The company did not disclose the purchase amount of the acquisition. For more information on the Visualix platform for AR mapping and localization, click here. For more information on Inpixon, please visit the company’s website.

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