InWith premiers its Smart Contact Lenses for Augmented Reality development at CES 2021

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January 12, 2021 – InWith Corporation, a company that specializes in the embedding of microelectronics into molded hydrogel devices from smart contact lenses to smart implants, has premiered at CES 2021, its advanced platform for computerized applications in soft contact lenses.

InWith states that it holds several US Patents for the announced smart contact lens technologies. The InWith technology that has premiered at CES 2021 is a configuration to enable developers to place augmented vision display chip applications into any soft hydrogel contact lenses, like those that millions of people wear daily. InWith stated that it is the “only company to publicly display this capability to integrate display circuitry into modern, soft contact lens materials” and added that “to date, other companies are attempting to achieve this in harder and less comfortable ‘scleral lenses’”.

The recent announcement from InWith follows the company’s 2020 display of stretchable electronic circuitry in Bausch & Lomb brand contact lenses, as covered by Forbes

According to InWith, the company has pioneered the techniques of integration of solid components and circuits into hydrogel materials by allowing the materials to expand and contract in the normal manufacturing process. The company noted that its breakthrough will enable multiple developers to create displays and ophthalmic improvement applications for contact lenses and intraocular lenses already used by millions of people daily. From the latest augmented and extended reality (AR/XR) visual applications to giving better sight to people who suffer from Myopia or Presbyopia, InWith states that its technology will enable an “electronic revolution for the future of eyesight and ophthalmic capabilities”.

The company noted that despite a variety of AR glasses currently in development, and with several large companies expected to be releasing their own consumer versions within the next few years (namely Apple and Facebook), the soft contact lens still remains the ultimate medium for discreet AR, according to InWith, which claims to have developed the “leading technology” in the space.

For more information on InWith, please visit the company’s website.

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