JULABO USA partners with Atheer to introduce Augmented Reality field service capabilities to workforce

May 16, 2019 – JULABO USA Inc. has announced that it is partnering with augmented reality enterprise software provider Atheer Inc. to bring a new digitally enhanced field service capability to the company.

Known within JULABO as LucaVision, the solution combines AR smartglasses with Atheer’s AR management platform to provide a comprehensive way to improve the way its field service team works, and speed up JULABO’s service resolution times.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to bring augmented reality to the temperature control industry in a way that directly impacts quality and service,” said JULABO USA’s President Ralph Juchheim. “These smart glasses and software will transform our service department but, more importantly, the technology will make a significant difference and decrease downtime for our customers.”

Atheer is an international provider of AR enterprise software, and has provided its AR platform to companies such as Porsche Cars North America and the International Air Transport Association to help improve the productivity, speed and safety of their workforces.

“We are delighted and honored to be working with JULABO USA to roll out this AR field service initiative,” said Atheer CEO Amar Dhaliwal. “JULABO is a world leader in high-performance and reliable temperature control. It’s completely unsurprising that their commitment to innovation extends to constantly seeking ways to improve their customers’ experience.”

The AR field service capabilities of the platform include:

  • Hands-free access to technical information, guides and diagrams (technicians and service teams can access information through head movements, hand gestures and voice commands);
  • Remote viewing and troubleshooting – the ability to service repair partners and diagnose and repair issues more quickly to reduce application downtimes;
  • Hyper-vision that allows technicians to zoom in, magnify and see parts more clearly, enhancing what can be detected with the human eye.

JULABO is using the Atheer-based platform to train its internal and external service teams, as well as to assist in the repair and service of instrumentation, and improve overall quality and customer assurance through checklists and automated review of orders and repairs.

Commenting on the announcement, Dirk Frese, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at JULABO said: “Service is an area where JULABO excels. We are meticulous about inspecting every product and making sure our instruments work flawlessly for as long as possible”. He added, “We now have a way to use augmented reality to help us diagnose, repair and review our products to ensure they are optimized for our customers and their applications.”

That view was echoed by JULABO Service & Production Manager Bruce Troutman: “Augmented reality is changing the way we manufacture, service, repair and customize products and control inventory”. Troutman added, “It’s not about replacing the human element; it’s about enhancing it and making it easier for our team to solve problems quickly and efficiently with less stress.”

Image credit: JULABO USA

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