Lenovo announces new ThinkReality Augmented Reality platform, along with new HoloLens-style AR headset

May 13, 2019 – Lenovo’s has today announced at its annual Accelerate partner event in the US, a series of new solutions for enterprise. Amongst these solutions is the company’s new ThinkReality A6 Augmented Reality headset.

As part of the company’s smarter business initiative, Lenovo is encouraging businesses to see the potential use cases of AR/VR. ThinkReality is a newly launched sub-brand that brings businesses a solutions-based approach comprised of both software and hardware, and according to Lenovo, is designed to help enterprise workers use AR applications to receive assistance, reduce repair times, eliminate errors, streamline complex workflows, improve training quality, collaborate and save money.

The ThinkReality platform is a scalable software solution that allows enterprises to build, deploy, and manage Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications and hardware devices. Furthermore, the platform is hardware agnostic, cloud agnostic, and environment agnostic, allowing enterprise customers to adopt and manage AR and VR software applications across multiple operating systems, cloud services, and devices, such as the company’s new ThinkReality A6 Augmented Reality headset.

The first device in the ThinkReality solutions portfolio, the ThinkReality A6 is a lightweight, heads-up, hands free mobile head-worn device that can be used to deploy both simple and complex AR solutions across businesses, according to Lenovo. The headset comes with a compute box, which it is connected to via USB Type-C.

Initial specifications for the A6 include:

  • Weight of 380g (0.83lbs);
  • 40-degree diagonal field of view
  • 1080p resolution per eye;
  • Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile XR Platform
  • Built on the Android Oreo platform;
  • Includes waveguide optics by Lumus inside an Intel Movidius Vision Processing Unit (VPU);
  • Equipped with a depth sensor, 13MP RGB camera, two fish-eye cameras, and an Internal Measurement Unit (IMU) to enable 3D visualization, spatial mapping, digital information overlay, and object recognition;
  • 3DoF inside-out tracking;
  • Includes 2 noise cancelling microphones and stereo surround sound audio.
  • Features voice, gesture, and gaze control, or users can interact with a 3DoF bluetooth hand controller that is included with the headset;
  • Removable 6800mAh battery that offers up to 4 hours of power.
  • NFC / RFID reader (in compute box).

Lenovo has stated that in terms of initial pricing and availability (in North America) the ThinkReality brand is launching as a Developer Program with global enterprise accounts. The ThinkReality A6 headset will have a limited release in Q3 of 2019.

Image credit: Lenovo

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