LetinAR to showcase its PinMR 2020 lens for Augmented Reality devices at CES 2020

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January 3, 2020 – LetinAR Inc., developer of optical solutions for augmented reality smart glasses, has today announced that it will be releasing its ‘PinMR 2020’ lens at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, USA next week.

LetinAR first introduced its PinMR (Pin Mirror) technology at CES and MWC in 2018 and 2019. According to the company, the strongest feature of the newly announced PinMR 2020 lens is that it helps overcome the issue of a vertical viewing angle, which LetinAR states was previously limited to 23°. The company added that for the PinMR 2020, this has been widened to close to 40°, thereby “enhancing performance by approximately 73%”. The eye-box has also been further improved, allowing it to be more easily worn like regular glasses.

Kim Jae-hyeok, CEO at LetinAR said, “It was LetinAR’s strong technological base that enabled us to not only overcome the limitations of the existing AR optical system, but to also overcome the vertical viewing angle issue, which has been regarded as a major technological challenge,” adding, “we plan to demonstrate diverse forms of AR at the CES 2020 to show the changes that can be brought to the lives of humankind.”

At CES 2020 LetinAR plans to exhibit PinMR 2020 along with interactive responsive content that provides the first-hand experience of the improved viewing angle and eye-box. Users may also test demonstrations in the form of goggles, which provide a taster experience of wearing AR helmets such as those worn by F-35 fighter plane pilots, or even similar to that worn by movie character Iron Man. The company is also planning on presenting a vision for future applications of AR by combining AI powered facial recognition with its PinMR lens technology.

LetinAR will also be showcasing an AI translation solution which allows two people, each wearing PinMR smart glasses and sharing a set of wireless earphones, to speak in their own language, which is then translated into their counterpart’s language in audio and subtitle formats.

LetinAR states that it has recently been taking steps towards its next business phase with several global AR companies, with newly designed products including PinMR-embedded development kits, allowing customers to work on the development of AR devices.

Image credit: LetinAR, Inc.

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