Librestream and ECOM Instruments partner to deliver ruggedized AR solutions for field workers

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October 31, 2022 – Librestream, a workforce transformation platform for the industrial deskless workforce, has today announced a new partnership with ECOM Instruments, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand, to provide energy workers in the field with industrial-grade smart glasses, ruggedized smartphones, remote access, and real-time support.

Librestream and ECOM Instruments are introducing a joint solution that will integrate Librestream’s Onsight Connect augmented reality (AR) knowledge platform with ECOM’s Visor-Ex industrial grade smart glasses and Smart-Ex smartphones. The solution will provide customers with on-site collaboration capabilities via immediate access to relevant information and expert remote assistance anytime, anywhere – even in the most rugged conditions and hazardous environments, according to the companies.

“From oil and gas drilling to chemical processing, field workers demand rugged hardware and reliable software that can endure and perform in extreme weather, terrains and challenging network conditions,” said Marieke Wijtkamp, SVP of Product at Librestream. “With this new integration of our remote connectivity capabilities and ECOM Instruments’ advanced Ex-certified wearable solution, we are able to provide workers in potentially hazardous environments with a full toolset that supports their unique needs.”

The partnership will provide will focus on the following areas for workers:

  • Designed for workers in challenging environments – The partnership supports Onsight Connect on ECOM Instruments’ smart glasses Visor-Ex, which provides mobile workers with a hands-free solution for demanding work environments and helps them navigate complex procedures;
  • Advanced content capture in the field – Users can capture pictures, recordings, and call sessions from the field for future training and analytics. This will also allow for online training, remote assistance, and solutions that save time and ensure compliance;
  • Real-time support and assistance – Industrial workers can access subject matter experts (SMEs) and processes via Onsight calls that can connect remote workers with SMEs anywhere in the world, sharing images and video. Voice commands also enable workers to interact hands-free;
  • Adaptable gear and access – The Visor-Ex system from ECOM Instruments will enable mobile workers to access company resources, content and data through Librestream’s Onsight platform, whilst still being able to maintain situational awareness whilst working in hazardous environments;
  • Time and expense savings – Onsight and Visor-Ex will enable service personnel to solve problems without a technician or SME present. This will also help to reduce travel expenses, as well as increase time to resolution and speed up maintenance and repair work, according to the companies.

“Today’s industrial businesses require mobile solutions that not only increase productivity, but also stand up to the harsh elements of industrial workplaces,” said Carl Henderson, Global Account Manager – Enterprise Mobility at ECOM Instruments, Pepperl+Fuchs Group. “The partnership with Librestream supports our vision to digitally supercharge the frontlines enabling people to be safer, more productive and better connected to co-workers and information.”

According to the companies, organizations may soon face significant business challenges as a result of workers who hold key procedural knowledge retiring, as well as the tenure of younger generations potentially decreasing. Through the partnership, Librestream and ECOM Instruments are hoping to solve some of these challenges by bringing augmented reality and wearable solutions to the forefront of workforce transformation in order to help critical industries address this potential loss of institutional knowledge, decreased efficiencies, safety risks, and operational costs.

For more information on Librestream and its augmented reality platform for knowledge transfer, click here. To find out more about ECOM Instruments and its smart glasses and rugged hardware solutions for field workers, click here.

Image credit: Librestream / ECOM Instruments

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