Location-based musical ‘Out There’ premieres at Comic Con Paris utilizing the Magic Leap One headset

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October 28, 2019 – At Comic Con Paris this weekend, Magic Leap premiered “Out There”, a location-based musical that uses spatial computing technology and the Magic Leap One headset.

Developed by Wilkins Avenue in partnership with Pollen Music Group, and starring Vanessa Williams (of Desperate Housewives and Disney’s Pocahontas), Out There combines music, storytelling and technology for an immersive entertainment piece.

Wilkins Avenue, the production company behind Out There, created and designed the project as a seamless combination of real-time 3D animation and traditional 2D character design that comes together and blends in the audience’s physical surroundings, bringing the story to the surrounding environment. Individual characters and props are triggered by the movements of viewers, meaning no two experiences are the same.

The performance is reinforced by fully immersive, spatialized audio production which “works behind the scenes, so you won’t quite know why you are welling up,” according to Alexis Harte, Musical Director and Coproducer of Out There.

In Out There, technology is the vehicle for the traditional animation style and character design. The result is “a uniquely delightful entertaining experience, halfway between an escape room and a Pixar musical,” said Thibault Mathieu, creator of Out There, and the Creative Producer and CEO of Wilkins Avenue.

According to Magic Leap, Wilkins Avenue plans to take Out There on tour and bring it to a wider audience in the future.

Video credit: Wilkins Avenue/YouTube


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