Looking Glass XR launches Kickstarter campaign to ramp up production of its VR PowerWall solution

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April 02, 2021 – Looking Glass XR, a provider of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) software and hardware solutions, has announced the launch of its ‘VR PowerWall’ solution for charging and storage of all-in-one mobile VR headsets.

Looking Glass XR develops custom VR solutions for enterprise clients and helps with the deployment, management, and operation of their mobile VR hardware across a variety of environments. As a result, the company states that it is experienced in the logistics behind managing a large amount of VR devices, and it is this experience that drove Looking Glass XR to develop the VR PowerWall.

The VR PowerWall is a modular storage solution for storing and charging up to 8 virtual reality headsets, which the Looking Glass XR is specifically targeting at enterprise clients and academia. The wall works with any series of Pico VR, Oculus Quest and 2, Oculus Go, and HTC Vive Focus/Focus Plus devices, and is designed to work with future mobile 6DoF VR headsets, according to the company.

Sporting a smaller footprint with the ability to upgrade capacity – the VR PowerWall offers organizations that utilize a large number of VR headsets simultaneously with a more convenient storage and power solution, for example for school’s wanting to launch a new VR lab or businesses deploying VR in employee training centers.

The PowerWall provides a durable, modular shelf system that can safely store and charge up to 8 headsets and is available in 3 configurations: the 8-unit, the 4-unit and the Single Unit. The company states that all VR PowerWall units will come fully wired with USB C 3.0 cords, and the 4 and 8 units will be wired into a USB charging and data hub hidden on the bottom of the unit. 

In order to ramp up production, Looking Glass XR has started a funding campaign on Kickstarter, where the company is offering a discount to early-bird backers. For more information on Looking Glass XR, please visit the company’s website.

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