Magic Leap and ONTOP Studios announce launch of ‘PuzzlAR: World Tour’ onto Magic Leap World

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July 27, 2019 – Magic Leap has announced the launch of the first app from the Independent Creator Program onto Magic Leap World. PuzzlAR: World Tour is a 3D jigsaw puzzle game from Portugese developer ONTOP Studios.

Players visit famous world monuments and see them break apart. The player’s job is to put them back together. The game also has other features, from different difficulty levels, to hidden secrets which encourage players to explore and achieve 100% completion of each level in all locations.

Nuno Folhadela, CEO of ONTOP Studios, and Creative Director of PuzzlAR: World Tour, said: “For the last few years, we’ve become accomplished augmented reality developers, and we’ve found Magic Leap One to be the most exciting platform to work with.” Folhadela added, “From the outset, we wanted PuzzlAR: World Tour to be an educational introduction to Spatial Computing for new users that may be unfamiliar with spatial interactions. With that in mind, we took two well known themes: classic jigsaw gameplay and famous landmarks, and synthesized them.”

In November 2018, Magic Leap launched its Independent Creator Program to stimulate app and game development within spatial computing. Companies were asked to submit their ideas to Magic Leap, from which the company then selected a handful of projects to support and guide through development. Over the last few months, successful creators have been developing their first spatial apps.

PuzzlAR is available for free on Magic Leap World. Magic Leap stated that in the coming months, many of the successful applicants of the Independent Creator Program will be publishing their experiences to Magic Leap World.

Video credit: ONTOP Studios/YouTube

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