Magic Leap partners with AMD on semi-custom SOC solution for enterprise Augmented Reality

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June 3, 2021 – Magic Leap has announced that it is partnering with AMD on an augmented reality (AR) technology solution that includes a semi-custom SOC (system on chip) to enable enterprise users to re-imagine and transform how virtual content and information is visualized and merged with real-world environments.

The company noted that as demand for AR technology increases, so too does the need for innovations that combine the CPU, GPU and machine learning technologies into a single SOC to allow for the creation of the most demanding AR experiences while maintaining power efficiency.

Magic Leap has spent a decade developing advanced hardware and software that enables the interaction of digital content with the physical world. The company’s head-mounted display (HMD) technology platform requires a low power solution that delivers a new level of graphics and perception performance to enable enterprises to optimize processes, improve productivity, and upskill their workforce.

It is fairly safe to assume that Magic Leap is now aiming to achieve some sort of bespoke AR solution (possibly to try and rival that of Qualcomm’s XR2 platform?) through its partnership with AMD, which is well known in the semiconductor industry and makes advanced processors and chipsets for devices of all shapes and sizes, from supercomputers to games consoles to energy-efficient mobile processors. 

“We have a shared vision with Magic Leap to shape the future of computing and transform the way enterprises worldwide work and interact with each other and their customers,” said Jack Huynh, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of AMD Semi-Custom Business Unit. “We started this journey together several years ago to co-innovate on computer vision and build the best semi-custom technology for AR.”

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