Magic Leap partners with Geopogo on Augmented Reality solution for architecture and design

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November 16, 2021 – Magic Leap has today announced that it has partnered with Geopogo, on an augmented reality (AR) technology solution that allows architects, builders, and their clients to design spaces, collaborate on planning, and provide engaging presentations to clients by enabling visualization of architectural interiors and exteriors. 

Geopogo is a California-based 3D design software company that is working to transform the design and construction process. The company’s software allows architects and designers to create renderings and a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality experience in minutes by importing existing CAD models or building directly with the Geopogo 3D creator tool.

Now, with Geopogo’s software on Magic Leap’s AR headset platform, the interaction of digital content with the physical world will help to bring architectural designs to life, according to the companies. “This is a phenomenal opportunity to make architectural design understandable and accessible to project clients, city officials, and the general public,” said Geopogo’s Creative Director, Michael Hoppe. 

According to Magic Leap, the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco (AIASF) utilized the partnership’s technology as part of its ‘Shape Your City’ campaign, an ongoing fundraising effort to build its new headquarters in the Bay Area’s new Center for Architecture + Design. The organization also sought to fund expanded architecture-focused tours, exhibitions, educational programs, and events for people of all ages.

As a result, AIASF hosted on-site building tours to build excitement and engagement for the project from the architectural community and the public, and offered tour participants a 3D virtual model of the future Center. The integration of AR technology during the building tours allowed for a more interactive, transparent, immersive, and exciting way to visualize what the space will look like, even before construction has started.

“The power of the AR experience succeeded in inspiring donors to contribute much-needed construction funding for the project, as hoped for by the non-profit organizations. We were especially happy to see how the AR experience brought so much delight to the faces of the non-profit Board, the organization members, and members of the larger community,” said Dave Alpert, Geopogo CEO and Cofounder. 

“The AR model has allowed our project partners, Board members, potential donors, and community to experience the future Center first-hand and visualize the positive impact it will have on future generations,” agreed AIASF Executive Director, Stacy Williams.

For more information on Geopogo and its augmented reality solutions for the architecture and design industry, click here. For more information on Magic Leap and its AR hardware solutions, click here.

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