Marxent updates its VisualCommerce markerless AR platform

March 1, 2017 – Marxent today announced an update to its VisualCommerce 3.0 3D product platform that will enable a markerless augmented reality solution for mobile in-field and direct-to-consumer sales. The update will expand Marxent’s offering to home furnishings retailers, home builders, and manufacturers, enabling them to offer customers flexible shopping experiences with photo-real AR technology made available from anywhere.

Designed for omnichannel retailers and manufacturers, Marxent’s VisualCommerce platform is a cloud-based content management system for smart 3D products that is purpose-built for use across channels. The VisualCommerce platform enables retailers to invest in a single 3D product library that can be then used to create 3D experiences appropriate to various points in the retail customer journey, including markerless AR, touchscreen, VR showrooms and more.

Marxent’s markerless AR technology allows users with single camera mobile devices to place a single 3D product into a real-world context without the use of a QR code or image marker, making AR more portable and more accessible to a broader base of users. Using the camera on a tablet or mobile device to orient the 3D object in real space, the selected object can be viewed at a distance or up close, and manipulated to fit in real-world environments.

“Our focus on creating a stable, realistic markerless AR solution that scales is a direct response to the requirements of real clients in the retail and building products verticals,” said Beck Besecker, CEO and co-founder, Marxent. “Retailers and manufacturers have long been interested in AR and VR as visualization tools, but issues with stability, scale and product realism have held them back from fully investing. Now they can be confident that an investment in 3D product strategies for in-context shopping will perform, resonate and pay off.”

“Many of the early markerless AR solutions are still contending with the challenges of realism, tracking and accurate placement in a virtual scene,” said Barry Besecker, CTO and co-founder of Marxent. “The markerless technology we’ve developed at Marxent is designed with commerce and consumer use in mind, using algorithms and relative positioning to deliver immersive, realistic and detailed visualization that can build buyer confidence and help drive purchase decisions.”

Image credit: Marxent

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